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Is there going to be a future??

There might not be a future if we use every resource that we have right now! I know you all love your children and grandchildren but we can’t use every thing now if we want our loved to live because to much pollution and heating harms the planet!! Charlotte 9

keeping your enviorment safe

I don’t think nobody should be fighting for heating, everybody should be sharing the heating, and also think about when you have no more heating in the future what will happen you will be cold and have no more heating so keep safe and save the heating.   Charlie age9

Stop waisting heating bills

Why should we waste our money for heating bills? We should save our heating bills not waisting money try to think theres no money in this world and think about our heating bills step.1 Don’t leave your heating if you go somewhere for to long. step.2 Don’t mess your heating or it […]

Disagree with rich lady

I disagree with the rich lady as she just think about herself. This is wrong and we should help other people have a good life and heating. Nickname: shockman 123   age:9    

The problem with heating. aa

Heating is a very big issue at the moment as if people do not have heating they will be cold and if they are poor they wont be able to pay for the heating bill. What do we do? Well i’ve got a solution. Why doesn’t the government give extra […]

How does fuel poverty effect people’s health?

Cherry-picking/information from AgeUK Relentlessly rising energy prices, energy inefficent housing and low incomes have resulted in the calamitous fuel poverty situation that we find ourselves in today. Under the new definition, there are around 2.4 million households, 1.14 million elderly people in England living in fuel poverty and, most shameful […]

Respond To the Voices!

I would like to respond the the lady who thinks that poor should work harder so they can afford to pay their own bills like she does. I agree she worked hard all her life she never gave up and earned money. I think everyone should be like that woman. People steal […]


By looking at this picture I can think of lots of ways of ways to save energy for example human powered energy. Please comment if you have any other eco friendly ways of getting energy.

Deciding whether the environment is important or not?

A few of our discussions in response to the point: Which matters more, protecting the environment for the future or keeping people warm enough now?   “If you keep people warm now and focus on keeping people healthy, then we’ll have the workforce to deal with environmental problems later.” T […]


This issue is such an epidemic that people should be forced to save energy. Is it the government’s responsibility to pay for your heating and keep you warm? No, I don’t believe it is their responsibility. It’s your responsibility to get a job and earn money. It is their responsibility […]

consequences to your doings

because of climate change that you or your parents might be involved in is making polar bears live the results of our fault the polar bears do know how to swim but they have no where to land it is really hard for baby polar bears to live this is […]