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Sporting Events

People who live in places where big sporting events are happening or have happened are deciding whether big sporting events such as the Winter Olympics, Olympics or World Cup should happen. The Winter Olympics and World Cup are making citizens of the countries ask these questions. This article will be […]

The Olympics… will it instil a worthwhile legacy?

We believe that Olympics/World Cup will have an effect on its own country. The reason being is that cities will have to spend a huge amount on building stadiums, transport and facilities to accommodate, furthermore, like with any international event a colossal amount of money is required to exceed expected […]

Winter Olympics: Did the Motherland do the right thing?

Can Russia afford to host the Olympics as well as looking after their people? Many enquiries have arisen about whether Russia can afford for both. Many people have been living in poverty however Russia has not taken the opportunity of the £30 billion used to host the Olympics to help […]

Large sporting events – who wins, who loses?

Recent major sporting events such as the London 2012 Olympics and this year’s Sochi Winter Olympics and the World Cup this summer bring athletes from all over the world together to compete.    Some members of our news club think these big events are good because most people in the […]

A Sticky Sporty Situation in the Nation

Most world sporting events are staged every 4 years, such as the Olympics and the World Cup. In my article I intend to explore both sides of the argument of whether they are beneficial or not to the country hosting. One opinion is that it is a bad thing for […]

The gore of games: what does the future hold?

Violent video games can affect under 18’s health, education and social skills.  Is the root of the problem society, the game or the responsibility of the player? Do shops need to check I.D? This article will discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of video games. Why do people […]

Video Games

Video games have been the topic of many debates over the past few years however their popularity has grown. In order to stop violence and mayhem amongst the youth of today something needs to happen before more tragedies happen like the 1999 American school shooting. These games make people want […]

Video games – Where does the responsibility lie?

Video games are fun BUT who is responsible for purchasing your video games? We believe that some video games help with certain activities but is that true for all games? Some games are educational such as Brain Training on Nintendo, some games will help you with your fitness and health […]

Fear the Future

Are we trying to harm our young people? Children between the ages of seven and eighteen are in danger – they are being tempted to play video games above their age limits. The 21st century faces a new kind of threat. It is difficult to deal with. It needs determined […]

Grand Theft Auto stole our childhood

Violent video games are often blamed for violence caused by teenagers. They are also blamed for childhood obesity. It is claimed that children spend far too much time in front of their screens playing computer games when they should be outside running around. The problem of violence is a bigger […]

Modi’s Next Move – is India just a pawn?

India’s future lies in Mr Modi’s hands. On the 16th May, Mr Narendra Modi was elected as Prime Minister of India but was this the right move for a country divided by its beliefs? A feud between Muslims and Hindus has carried on for generations and is the cause of […]

Indian Election 2014

India is in a race to pick its new leader – the prime minister of India. In India, the prime minister is elected after every five years. India’s population is 1.2 billion, out of which 81.4 people will cast their vote to elect their new leader. The number of voters […]

Modi for head of Government?

India has been recognised for its large population and fast-growing economy. Now election polls have been opened for the new parliament members of India. From the last of April to the 14 of May, people have had their say in who they want to help rule their country. One of […]

Will Modi cause a new apartheid in India?

Narendra Modi, candidate in the Indian elections, is someone that has divided public opinion in India.  On one side, he is supported by a large number of Hindus in India.  On the other side, the smaller number of Muslims in India fear that their lives are at risk. Modi’s supporters  […]

India – Rich or Humane? Can it be both?

On Friday May 16th the largest election in the whole world will take place. Although China is a larger country it is not democratic and therefore doesn’t have an election. 815 million people can vote in the Indian election and they expect 551 million votes to be cast altogether. 27.1 […]