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This is an review about everything we have done in this club. These are five facts about Ebola. Difficult to treat patients. Ebola started in 1976. Most cases go unreported. Rich countries are slow helping. It’s the biggest out-break ever. Two more curious facts. Ebola developed by bush-meat. People are not […]

The Production Room: The Mini-Report

In this topic I have found out that……………. 1) It started upon the date December 2013. 2) Ebola struck countries(Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone). 3) It was difficult to treat patients. 4) Rich countries are slow helping. 5) Most of the cases are going unreported. I used to think there […]

Bed Shortages

We have been watching BBC video diaries created by aid workers in West Africa.  We were shocked to hear that there is such a shortage of hospital beds.  We have videoed some responses…

A question to Tonio Borg

if you were to help the poorer countries, but it meant putting Europe in danger; would you still help?   Personally I think  that doing everything we can would be the right thing to do. As many people with Ebola are suffering alone and I think it is right to help them and […]

Should children worry about world problems?

I think children should not worry about world problems because it may distract them from their education and lead to them feeling panicked, worried and stressed. According to:, if children become stressed it could lead to heath problems such as increasing the risk of heart attack, suppress the immune system […]

Should children worry about world problems?

I think children should not have to worry about world problems. Kids don’t need to pay bills, cook dinners or manage carpools but just like adults they have their share on daily demands. If frustrations and disappointment pile up, it can damage learning and healthcare. e.g. say if a child […]

Should children worry about world problems?

I think children should have an awareness of what is going on in the world around them.  Children have the right to know about the world problems especially if it concerns themselves. They can learn to protect themselves and become independent . Children need to be independent!There are many things […]


This news report is another one about ebola.THIS BREAKING NEWS IS STILL GOING ON. We should definately donate some money before Ebola comes to us. It could make West Africa better and nothing more will happen that is as seriously as this as well.The things that money will give medisin as well.thank […]

Our Final Article

As our final piece we have discussed the following question: Can West Africa get better health care? In this article we will discuss both sides of the argument. We will say yes and then a direct reply saying no. Over the weeks our opinions have changd because we have learnt […]

Ebola crisis

Today i am going to be telling you all about Ebola so me and my friend here are 9 year old and we are going to be telling people to stop Ebola and also to tell truth about it.So here i go. Now what weare going to be talking about […]

Our Big Juicy Question

King Solomon Academy has created two questions for the horrific spread of Ebola: Is it risky for volenteers to treat Ebola affected victims ? Are rich countries doing enough to prevent the Ebola spread ?

Production Room: The Mini-Report

In this topic/issue I have found out that……… 1) Ebola can be passed on by body fluids. 2) The Ebola has killed thousands of people. 3) How Ebola transformed was by bush-meat. 4) Ebola mainly started in West Africa. 5) It was the biggest out-break ever. I used to think Ebola wasn’t […]

Big Juicy Question

This week we came up with some questions that we have been voting for. We voted for which was best and in the end we decided that this was our BIG JUICY QUESTION: Is it unfair that so much money and attention has been given to epidemics such as Ebola […]