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MDG’s, Good or Bad?

The MDG’s are trying to stop poverty around the world. The number of people living in extreme poverty has halved in the last 20 years however the MDG’s still have 17 years to run. It has been 13 years since the MDG’s began and still there are millions of people […]

The Truth About the MDGs

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) began as an idea in the year 2000. The UN’s governments were brought together to discuss the matter of world poverty and hardship. Two years later a plan was approved. Every country in the world was set eight goals to complete in fifteen years. The […]

Aid versus skills development: which will end poverty quickest?

Poverty affects a large percentage of the global population.  Even after years of trying to improve the lives of everyone in the world with the Millennium Development Goals there are still people that do not have enough food and hope in their lives because of a lack of money. This […]

Why does poverty happen?

Poverty happens mainly because of floods, typhoons and wars. In many foreign countries this has happened and many people are living in poverty. In fact many disasters like this have happened, like in the Philippines there has been a typhoon and many people living there are now living in poverty. […]

Against MGDs or for them?

Two years until the Millennium Development Goals reach their deadline. Will we achieve our goals? We’ve had 11 years now and still wars are going on because the goals haven’t been achieved. We should have thought about it more. We should have started with the basics like giving them seeds […]

Eight goals are not enough! We need three more!

The MDGs have saved many poor people but we need more time and three more goals to improve life for people. There are eight MDGs that the UN wanted to reach by 2015. But what are the most important goals and why, and how can we improve them? Goal 6, […]

Millenium motivations

This article is about the Millennium Development Goals. Think children starving in Africa. How would you feel if it was you starving? Think of the babies that are dying. No child is born to die. Think of medication that doesn’t go to the right people. Think about what the world […]

Change the world forever

Money cannot buy you everything in life. It cannot buy you confidence, true happiness or independence. Those are some of the things you have to earn by working hard. Many people in the world live in poverty, which means you are homeless, you don’t have money, you don’t have medicine […]

MDGs and economic growth unite!

Many people in the world are living in poverty, which means they are poor and don’t have what they need, like clean water. The governments of countries all over the world are trying to help people living in poverty to help people survive and make sure they have education. The […]

MDGs don’t provide ABCs

We believe nobody should be in poverty. Many people in the world live in poverty, which means they live in hunger and don’t have enough food. They don’t have proper houses or get an education. The MDGs help, but there are many better ways. The governments of countries all over […]

British Immigration

Immigrants from other countries, mainly from Bulgaria and Romania, travel to our country adopting a new life. Politicians like David Cameron say they want fewer people to come and live in Britain. Nick Clegg, (the leader of the Liberal Democrats) and Ed Miliband (the leader of the labour party) as […]

Immigration At Its Best

We are aware that immigration is usually described negatively; however we hope to change that. The reasons we believe that immigration is a positive thing is because it will ultimately help thousands of people to have a better life. People suffering from wars in their home country will have a […]

Is immigration a situation?

The question on whether Romanians and Bulgarians should come to Britain has been asked for years. Finally on the 1st of January, the government proclaimed that Bulgarians and Romanians were allowed to enter the UK without limitation. Although this has happened, there has been a lot of talk on benefits […]

Is immigration a problem? – It’s complicated

It is well known that some people think that immigration is a problem. For example, some members of the government are worried that immigrants will take millions of jobs. Some people are worried that immigrants will not know how to follow the rules and laws in this country. The government […]

The Cleaner Society

Thousands of immigrants come to Britain every year but what impact is it making on British-born people? Immigrants usually come to Britain to work, to get free healthcare or to escape from their homeland, often driven here by poverty or war. A serious issue to do with immigration is the […]