Pedestrians still in poverty???

Why are people still homeless

In the the United Kingdom we are one of the top ten wealthiest and richest in the entire world yet how many people are still homeless? If the Government doesn’t do anything about it, people have to stand up for there rights because 50% of houses are affordable in Welbourne near Tottenham and yet still people living in poverty and starvation. We have to do something about it. Where is the money that the government is suppose to be receiving and is supposed to be giving it to those in need? In the 1980s : 1/3 of the people lived social housings and in 2000s : 1/6 of people lived in social housing. How would we feel if we were living in poverty, we will desperately ask for help. We need to put our feelings inside someone else shoes. Think about this. What is our Priminister doing to help. This has to come to an END!! @ green cat

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