Our Planet! And the mess we have created

should we prioritise people now or later? If we prioritise ourselves it means we are not doing anything about climate change. Climate change is a serious problem that we need to do something about it.

We should prioritise ourselves in the future as if we are not prepared to prevent pollution now, then what is the point in doing it later. We will end up in a in a bad position that we can’t get ourselves out of. We need to look after our planet but we can’t if no one can be bothered to try and save it now. we need everyone’s participation to solve this horrible mess we have gotten ourselves into.

by not acting aeon the problems in the world we are not only being careless and damaging it we are also preventing the future from blossoming and expanding so although you may not feel you are being evil in a way you are actually are.


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  1. North Beckton Primary School North Beckton Primary School

    We think we should prioritise people later because they might have better technology and we will also be dead when climate change happens.

    By Journalgirl232 & Newsreporter271