political symbols in sport SRETCH AND CHALLENGE!

You might remember Pep Guardiola and his catalonia ribbon/symbol. Well he got fined £20,000 for displaying a simple ribbon. Now, something as small as it is, is just silly. symbols are one of the smallest ways to display your views on political subject and one of the main reason why FIFA fear political symbols is that people might start calling FIFA a spreader of propaganda and this would be very damaging to FIFA reputation as well as advertising/business opportunities. So when Pep was fined it is very ridiculous and in some aspects is illegal. problematically, the interviews with managers, athletes, players whatever are ethier show on a screen or seen by the small few at the interview. So only if the journalist wanted to complain, what would be tricky for them (as their job would be under fire), so the freedom of speech act has no power what so over. So after several minutes searching the internet I found the online version of freedom of speech. Freedom of information. Freedom of information is just a extension to freedom of speech but highlights the the online use as another medium to express on self. however there is a slight problem.  FIFA is based in germany so in theory FIFA has no need to apply to freedom of information, even thought germany has signed the main part, has not signed the part that affects private business. In theory FIFA does not need to abide by freedom of speech. So now onto the title of the post. To me there are three ways of displaying your views.

  1. the least severe. symbols as long as you don’t mention your symbol on your chest you will surpass this is just showing respect for a cause and doesn’t suggest that you should join your cause. It’s a symbols.
  2. medium level. Quotes, placards,  slogans whatever are used to express ideas and sometimes change people views sometimes. This is used to display respect but it doesn’t need to be shown in a entertainment.
  3. severe. speeches and films and long drooling pieces of text. This is reaching the point of propaganda where you express views in purpose of trying to persuade people that your cause is worthy. This is just sometimes wrong or in some aspects rude. You don’t need to display this unless you are in a political expression mode were your sole job is to persuade.

So I personally believe that we can if we want to display our symbols of political symbols, symbols out of respect, religious symbols whatever you want. I don’t care and FIFA shouldn’t either however in some aspects your symbol would be out of the norm, like a swastika or russian red star. In theory according to freedom of speech you are allowed to display whatever symbols you want but this is out of the norm. so you can display anything but you must think. politics can mix to a certain extent but sometimes you must apply to the norm.



  1. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I remember Pep Guardiola. I can’t stop thinking about his yellow ribbon and that they fined him.. I think that was SO unfair of them.

  2. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I do not think politics should mix with sport as some countrys like russia will be singled out because of their leader.


  3. I completely disagree with FIFA as they fined Pep Guardiola £20,000 just for wearing a ribbon! He didn’t say anything offensive to others, nor did he protest or rally interruptedly. But rules are rules, and I think even though you are supporting your country, do not push the limits; he probably knew what consequences would come after. Pep shouldn’t have worn the ribbon, but FIFA should’ve just given him a warning… instead of giving him a £20,000 fine.

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