Should politics & sports mix? (The darkshadow)

The issue this time is:

‘Should politics & sports mix?’

This issue has both interested me and confused me. I got interested because it mentioned politics (not the sports bit because I’m not a fan of sports). But what confused me was that sports and politics have nothing to do with each other so how can they mix? When we started to learn about the subject, I started to understand how they can be linked together. Then today we had to make a choice. Either had to agree that sports & sports should mix. But that had left me on the fence (in the middle).

In my opinion, politics should mix in some situations and shouldn’t mix in others.

One of the reasons why it is sometimes good for politics to mix with sports is that 3.2 billion people watch the world cup. So if a player decided to talk about politics at the end or the beginning of the match, many people would be able to hear about someone’s opinions on politics.this would help because not everyone has access to news or they don’t know the news report channels so they can watch it right after a match.

To oppose this point,  mixing sports with politics with sports could ruin the concept of sports even as some people watch these games JUST  to watch the games and nothing else. So people that are not interested in politics might get bored and they could even stop watching sports.

Another reason to why sports can mix with sports is that football players and other people who are famous for playing sports are also citizens. So why can’t they share their opinions with the world? If their voices aren’t heard then this could be their chance to tell everyone what their opinions are and many people in the world would know about it.

But this could also lead to some people being upset or angry because if the sports players get their voices heard why can’t us ‘regular’ people share our opinions with the world. It wouldn’t be fair for us.

These are the reasons to why I am still not sure about if I agree of disagree that sports should mix with politics.

If you can give me more reasons to oppose or support the point and help me come to a decision I will make another post about my decision.

What are your opinions? Are you on the fence (in the middle) like me?

The darkshadow


  1. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    i would personally be in the middle because i do want to see what affects of having politics and sports mix but on the other hand i don’t really need people talking about politics when i’m watching my football.

  2. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    I think that sports and politics SHOULD mix because I think that it’s something people can enjoy instead of having opinions about it because then they might despise it just because they don’t agree with what a player/coach thinks about politics.

    • Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

      Posted by Lizard30

    • Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

      “If people make a big fuss over something that is going on in their country or another country,like,England was planning to rub out their names on their football gear in their next match against Russia as a protest, the audience will be spending more time trying to figure out which player is which instead of paying attention to the actual match.”

      This point doesn’t really make sense to me because why would someone want to rub of their names in protest?

    • Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

      I’m a bit confused on your point, could you please elaborate.

      The darkshadow

      • Hi the darkshadow. I think the reason they would rub out their names is to say to Russia ‘I do not support you’- so, although they are physically present and taking part in the game, it’s like they’re not putting their name on it. It’s a symbolic act really, but one that would send quite a loud message. Olivia

  3. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    I’m also in the middle because my dad is a football fan and watches football on TV, sometimes I wonder if he watches a football game which includes politics, maybe he might get bored or upset. So I’m confused too. LittleStar466

  4. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    I DON’T think sports and politics should mix.Here are a few reasons as to why not.

    1.People watch football to SEE football.They didn’t come to watch a bunch of people having a debate or something in the middle of a football match.
    2.If people make a big fuss over something that is going on in their country or another country,like,England was planning to rub out their names on their football gear in their next match against Russia as a protest, the audience will be spending more time trying to figure out which player is which instead of paying attention to the actual match.
    3.If Gaurdiola hadn’t been wearing that yellow ribbon, he wouldn’t have been fined and everything would have been running smoothly.
    BUT, i have one more thing to say.
    People SHOULD be able to protest ,as long as it is “peaceful” and nobody is being offended, hurt or harmed.I thought it was extremely unfair when i hard about the story of the two black men who held their fists up after winning the gold and bronze cup as a sign of black power because they had their trophies taken away and were sent home with death threats.That shouldn’t have happened.

    • Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

      But I DID say that they can make these debates at the end or beginning of a match instead of the middle.
      The darkshadow

    • Hi Tabbycat0.5,

      Some great reasons here! But you seem to contradict yourself. You say that sport and politics should not mix, but then also say that the athletes who did make a political statement should not have been punished.

      What makes this instance different or special to you? Does this means we should look at each case individually?

      -Tiff at the Foundation

  5. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I’m definitely on the fence like you The DarkShadow. Thing is, I don’t know why. I just can’t work out why I feel this way.

  6. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    We should not ask whether sports and politics mix or not because they are already mixing and we can’t really stop that. Furthermore, it depends who you and that could how you are treated during a large sporting events. Moreover, if politics did not mix with sport, it would not be there – it would but it would not be as big as the Olympics, World Cup and Wimbledon. Without politics and decision makers there would not be much around us; government sorts our education, sport and health.

    For example, during World War 2, Hitler used sports to promote his power. He did not want to allow Jesse Owen to win a gold medal because of his race, culture and heritage. This shows that Hitler was a political leader who was preventing sport to be the way it should be – to include everyone.

    Sports and politics also depends a lot on who you are. For example, in the Brazil 2016 Olympics, if you were a business person or hotel owner you would have really benefited from the Olympics. However, if you were living in a slum the Football World Cup would be bad for you because slums were knocked down to build stadiums. Some of these stadiums were not even used by people in Brazil and some people say the money could have been spend on hospitals, education and houses. This shows how sports and politics can mix. It also shows that it is a good thing for some people and not for others.

    On the other hand, in 1968 Tommie Smith and John Carlos used the Oympics to protest about the lack of civil rights for African Americans. Some argue that this was useful because a big audience to think about the problems they were facing. It also showed the people that there were people who would fight for equality in sports not just politics. Similarly, in 2018 Colin Kaepernick knelt down when it was his nation’s national anthem before football matches because he believed that the police in his country as treated African-Americans unfairly. An example of this was once there was an African-American who was walking to get sweets. The police thought he was carrying a weapon. People argued and protested and said the police should search people (as they have been trained to do). But the police shot too quickly instead and the man died. (Police have a lot of power but now they’re using body cameras to make sure police are doing the right thing according to how they have been trained). This shows that mixing politics and sport is powerful thing because people need to take notice of human rights – not just on the street where people might not see it but Colin Kaepernick protested in a way that made people pay attention.

    In conclusion, we think that sports and politics mix in lots of ways. We think it should be used to bring people together for fun and for health. Political leaders have sometimes stopped this from happening and sometimes they have helped it to happen. We also conclude that there are lots of countries which have not done the right thing but that does not mean they can’t have a go at running a sports event. If we did, there might not be any events at all! Overall, we need to look at each case to see if it helps people to come together or not.

    AW Journalist Team

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