Should Politics And Sports Mix?

At the moment i agree and disagree, because every one has a right to share their views, and small things like a badge on the person is no big deal.Its just sharing their opinion.Again everyone has a right to share their opinion and everyone is entitled to their view.

On the other hand other team players might not be so fond of other sharing their view being that they disagree leading to players giving up (stop playing for their team by standing still in most cases). FIFA usually disagrees with politics and sports mixing as sports is suppose to bring people closer and the main priority to have good sportsmanship.

It could make others in the team that agree support each other more or they could let down the rest of the team. It really depends on people and their ideas of politics.




  1. You said “small things like a badge on the person is no big deal” and that people should be able to voice their opinion.

    What about if the thing on the badge is offensive to others? For example, what is someone wore a badge with racist slogans on it? Some might argue that being able to wear badges with certain viewpoints could upset players and fans alike and lead to fights.

    -Tiff at the Foundation

  2. Newington Community Primary School Newington Community Primary School

    I think that sports and politics shouldn’t mix because they are completely different things and it feels really weird for them to be mixed.

  3. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    They should not mix…
    They should only be picked for their skills and their personalities.

  4. Willowtown Primary School Willowtown Primary School

    If Politics and Sports were to mix it would break many of the rules stated by FIFA,NFL, etc, however, how would politics actually effect sport if they were to mix ?

    Savage Panckakes

  5. Colegrave Primary School Colegrave Primary School

    I believe that politics shouldn’t mix with sport because they are two completly different things and they are doing well on their own.

  6. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    i think that politics and sports should not mix,this is because a sport which is meant to be a game , shouldn’t turn into a political debate, both thing are individually great ,however together it doesn’t fit, its like having its like having chocolate and fish, amazing individually, however together is a different story,if you placed politics and sports together,the consequence would be gory

    tell me what you think, feel free to comment back your opinions, i would love to hear them

    by Willow22

  7. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    I don’t think politics and sports should mix because if a manager of a team shows his belief or personal opinion, it shouldn’t be judged so much that they have to pay a big fine.
    H2o mermaids

  8. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    Personally, I don’t think sports and politics should mix, but people should be allowed to protest silently-they have opinions.

  9. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    My opinion is that politics and football shouldn’t mix. Most of the time its unfair because you can’t stand up for you’re rights and you’re opinion ,such as racism and religion.Loads of FIFA CUP teams and sports men have been fired,fined and insulted.

    From HariboTeal

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