Should we prioritise people now or in the future?

My question is “Should we prioritise people now or in the future?” In short this means “Should we act on climate change now or later on?” I think (along with many others) that we should act on climate change now. One reason ( linking to my question) is  that we might not  have a future if climate change continues. This is because of the carbon dioxide released into the air by the fumes of  fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are made by burning things found underground like old plants. It is then used to make things like petrol. Carbon dioxide is very bad to breathe in and could eventually kill us. Carbon dioxide can also harm plants. This is bad because of two reasons: some plants are what we eat. If we do not have these foods some people may starve. The other reason is that trees supply us with oxygen , something  we need to survive. If we kill those trees it will be hard to survive. This is why we need to deal with climate change now. Thank you.













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  1. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    As you said before, “trees are the only thing that is keep us alive”. This wrong! The only thing we need is Oxygen and H2O. We can transform CO2 into O2 by using a laser. This is an intense light which is invisible to the naked eye that can target the Carbon atom and separates it leaving pure oxygen. This oxygen was last inhaled thousands of years ago – before humans.

    -TheAsgardianReporter, BxChrono and RavenTheRauthor.

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