What Was Your Reaction To Women Being Mistreated?

What was your reaction to women being mistreated? Did you feel it wasn’t right? Or that men are better? Or did you think that you didn’t care? We want to know what YOU thought!

-Shreckbox1804 and Greencat


  1. When I saw a news bulletin with the headline,
    “Catcalling: Women’s Biggest Issue” I was utterly disgusted.
    •First of all, it would be rude to whistle at an elderly, so why would it be okay to do it at a younger adult?
    •Even though it might seem as a joke to the person, the victim might see it as a threat.
    •This can happen on the streets or any place, where there are lots of children. They can see this, and maybe even copy others’ actions.
    What do you think, should cat-calling have a consequence?

  2. Great topic to start a discussion about! It would be good to see reasons given for both side of the argument here. Why would someone argue that cat calling SHOULDN’T have consequences? Olivia