Russia are cheating

how Russia is cheating? well Russia have signed a human rights contract ! that means women are allowed to work ! at this moment women are earning less than men by a increasing margin ! that is completely unfair some women’s families live off their wage :(. even LGBT people are getting killed, Russia are preventing LGBT people from getting married which is 100% unfair on LGBT people !

by -birds_r_cool!



  1. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    I agree with you, Russia signed the humans rights contract therefore he has to follow the rules. And asi am very passionate about women’s rights I believe that (as you do) Russia are treating women and his people with very little respect. In fact Putin treats his land much more better than his people.

    And killing LGBT people is just wrong! It their way of life and Russia isn’t allowed to stop them, if they want to be LGBT, let them be LGBT. So if one of Russia’s rulers is LGBT, would they have to punish them?


  2. Newington Community Primary School Newington Community Primary School

    LoopyLama I totally agree with you. Putin sighed the human rights contract so he has to follow it. Putin defiantly cares about his land much much more than his innocent people and takes other country land and certainly shouldn’t be the president of Russia.
    Doglover2000 and overtherainbow07

  3. Hi by -birds_r_cool!

    Would you be surprised to learn that in most countries men earn more money than women on average. This is the case in the UK as well:

    Some people might say we should work on this issue in our own country before getting involved in Russia. What do you think?


    • Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

      hi LoopyLama
      thank you for commenting back
      I think that they would not because they basically kill citizens who are LGBT . But to have some one in a very crucial role they will not

    • Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

      Hi Tiff
      I don’t think we should interfere with Russia because if our people are not getting the same pay that other people the same are doing then there’s no point of arguing because if we have the same problem then if we say it will embarrass our country

      hey Tiff what would you do?
      by -birds_r_cool

  4. Grace Academy Coventry Grace Academy Coventry

    what would you do to decrease the wage gap between men and women?