Do Russia really have the opportunity to commit any serious offences during the World Cup?

Russia is currently the host nation in the World Cup and many people including myself believed that Russia could have the opportunity to cause certain devastating issues. Recently, I have considered my opinion. Russia are constantly being scrutinized by the world due to the world cup and  are constantly being filmed so do they really have the opportunity to commit serious crimes?



  1. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    They could possibly cheat but I think it is unlikely. Eventhough they have cheated before, I think there is a smaller chance. This is because when they did cheat it was in a different sport and different competers. There is also no evidence that Russia has used any type of drugs which are banned.
    – Jaiyaana

  2. Harris Beckenham Harris Beckenham

    i disagree with this because England are doing good and are winning loads of games.

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