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This  term we have been learning about Russia’s rights because we have we learnt that they don’t have rights like we do. One example of a right being taken away from Russia is that they don’t like people that like the same gender. I think the UK shouldn’t get involved because you could just make it worst. A reason why I think this is because you could start a war between the 2 countries.


This half term we have been learning about Russia and Rights and  how people can’t have Rights in Russia. The people in Russia can have their rights taken away, which I think shouldn’t be happening because everyone should have rights! This is a very important issue because if people don’t have rights then they could feel locked up like a prisoner.

One example of a right being taken away in Russia is someone almost being killed because they were gay. Some people have their rights taken away just because of their age, gender, religion or skin colour. Everyone should have rights even if they are a little bit different. Vladimir Putin should not be allowing this to happen.

I think the UK  should get involved because Vladimir Putin isn’t doing anything to stop people having their rights taken away so the UK should do what Putin SHOULD be doing to help stop this. However if the UK gets involved then it will cause an even bigger dilemma that wasn’t as big as when we didn’t get involved. So this is a 50-50 question/answer.

A reason for why I think this is because if I think that the people in UK don’t want another war…especially if its  Russia because their country is alot bigger than ours.

By unicornburger

his term I have learned that Russia’s rights are not really followed as much as they should.An example of peoples rights being taken away is ,if people speak against Putin than he can chuck you in jail! I think the UK should talk to him and if he doesn’t change than we should stay out of it . I think this because we don’t want a war with Russia because they are bigger than England .

by hungrywolf

This half term, we have been learning about Russia and rights.We have been learning about how Russia is such a powerful country and that it has so many resources. In the towns of Russia, people stalk the streets having been not treated like a proper human beings. It is all because of the Russian government. At the moment, living in Russia is chaos!

As I have already said, in Russia, the citizens aren’t getting their human rights that actually Russia has signed a contract saying that they would give their people their human rights. Anyway, in Russia people aren’t able to love whom the want to also different religions are being  persecuted. It’s atrocious!

Personally, I think that we shouldn’t get involved with the country because Russia have more resources and a MASSIVE army. The country would probably kill loads of innocent people also our country would be obliterated from the face of this earth!In the news club, I have learnt what the best thing to do is. My first decision was that we should get involved however as the time passed, we learnt more about how powerful and resourceful Russia is. I thought that to stop innocent people getting hurt. Though I don’t think we should get involved something should happen and the Russian government has to be stopped!



We have learnt that Russia is a big country and how powerful it is and how Vladimir Putin was very selfish and how his country are not allowed another president because his selfish.rights that are taken away are that gay people are not allowed to be gay they have to stay straight or not get married at all. This is not fair to them because they should be happy with who they are and if they are a man and they want to be women then they should be allowed because they will happy.

I have learnt how big and how powerful Russia are and why they full of power they are and why they have so much power. this is because they are a very big country and why they have the power i think that putin is very selfish and wants everything about him.

the UK shouldn’t get involved because it may cause a war or an argument


In Russia rights we have bean learning about like should we interfere with what Russia rights are because we could get hurt because in Russia they would punish people even if they did not do any thing wrong.So i think we should not interfere because that will get us into trouble and put all of the united kingdom in trouble.Your not aloud to be gay in Russia or they will kill you but in the UK you are aloud to be gay witch i think Russia should let  people should be aloud to love what ever gender you want.With all of these questions i don’t think you should get involved because then your going to get your self in trouble so i would just stay out of it.I have learnt that Russia is not letting people take there own writes. By anonymous


This half term we have been learning about Russia and their rights.I have also learnt that Russia is a very powerful and dangerous country and that the government don`t respect the Human rights of their citizens.This is a very important and interesting issue because everyone should follow their rights and have that respect by their government because they are very important.

In Russia,rights have actually been taken away!One is that in Russia you are able to legally own a house or even a business.In reality though corrupt police and officials are known to actually raid other people’s properties.Also in Russia adults are not allowed to be gay because president Putin doesn’t like it and he thinks its not right.President Putin also don’t like racism and he doesn’t let them in his country.

I think that the UK should put put pressure to help the people of Russia but we must be careful not to get too involved we know that Russia is very powerful and strong willed.

I have also learnt that Russia is a powerful country and if the UK push lots and lots of morrals and beliefs about Russia  there maybe a war



This half term we have been looking at Russia and their rights. Russia’s government and/or President doesn’t respect human rights – this is not right! This is an important issue because everyone deserves to have these rights and the fact that the people of Russia don’t have the rights we have is terrible! Some examples of Russia’s rights being taken away are the following…

  • if you are gay you are persecuted
  • if you are of a different religion you are treated badly
  •  women are not treated the same as men                                                                                                                                              and the list can go on!

I think the UK should get involved with Russia but not to cause too much trouble that Russia abuses us as well. Another reason not to get too involved is because Russia has an advantage in which Russia is a larger country. I have learnt that Russia is a dangerous and powerful country.   In case you were wondering……..

Vladimir Putin has been the president since 2000. Putin was only meant to have been the president for only two terms and he should have stepped down in 2008. Instead, he switched to the role of Prime Minister until 2012. Then he became the President again. During all of this time he has gone from being a reasonable and helpful leader to becoming an abusive and aggressive leader.

When a citizen of Russia were to take the police to court (for raiding someones home) the court would be more likely to protect the police than the citizen!

I hope you have found this as interesting as I did!

By blueunicorn.



hroughout this term our subject has been about Russia and rights.

This is important because we certainly need to know about events around the world ,ultimately this makes us more open and helps us discuss more.

Something new I have learnt is that Russia are not entitled to their opinions ! Rights are vital to everyone because they inform you what information is correct and incorrect . Russia has had a variety of rights taken away from them ; including their right to freedom, in Russia they are not free to give their opinions (they are usually restrained from being gay).If you are gay you have multiple rights taken away  from you .Also the government can hide certain information from you .

Personally, I think we should intervene , however we would have to be discrete about it. The best actions to take are: Firstly, not to make it really open and also do it really secretly ( not making it a big deal.)

I have learnt that regularly keeps dark secrets from the public and can come along to be quite malevolent.He has also been know to twist the rules of being prime minister . For example in a certain year he was prime minister and then he became a president. He has been known to discriminate women and men by treating women in unimaginable ways. Firstly, I thought it was a minute thing but then I realized he was an even bigger problem.

By tealwolf, thank you !

This term we have been learning about Russia and Rights. This has been quite an interesting issue because some of the things that are happening in Russia are quite serious. This includes people’s rights being taken away from them.

Lots of countries around the world have promised to protect people’s human rights. Human rights are legal promises that protect everyone’s freedom and dignity. Everyone has equal human rights in the eyes of the law, no matter what you look like, where you are from, who you love or what your gender is. Although human rights are protected by law in Russia, the government sometimes ignores these laws.

One example of a right being taken away in Russia is gay marriage is not allowed. This has become quite serious in the last few years. In some parts of Russia, you can be killed for being gay. It shouldn’t matter who you love, weather you are the same gender or not.

A second example is they don’t appreciate other people being a different religion to them. For example, Jehovah’s Witnesses are treated badly in Russia, because of their religion. It shouldn’t be your religion or what you believe that decides how you are treated. This shouldn’t be allowed.

A third example of a right being taken away in Russia is the right to know what is happening. All the major TV programs in Russia are controlled by the government. One of the only reasons the people of Russia go with Vladimir Putin’s ways is because they don’t see the news. Therefore, they don’t really realise the bad he is doing. That also means they keep re-electing him because they think he is doing good things and making the country better.

I think the UK shouldn’t get involved by doing it in a large political  matter because the last thing we want is a big war like World War 3. I think that the best action to take is to slowly edge at it from a different angle other than politics that is more discreet.


The reason for why I think this is because they are a lot bigger as a country and have allot more resources. Russia is the largest country geographically in the world. On top of that, we get 13% of our gas from Russia. If we went against them we would start to not have enough resources because they would probably stop trading. That would end in even more disasters.

by popcorn46


  • Introduction………


I was really exceedingly fascinated by this topic of Russia & Rights since it was the right time for me to realize that even I had the skills of  BNC-ing around. Thanks to me unlocking this new feature, this has had a great impact on my English lessons and how I write everyday. My opinion on Russia and Rights is that Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, has been flexing his muscles a bit too far. The impact on that was massive and now his citizens are being discriminated, any person that is related to the news that has said something that Putin has actually done that is bad, or if they have said something that is against Putin, they will immediately be persecuted. Sadly, the list goes on and on and on………

If Putin has, say, abused or hurt someone, the citizens of Russia might not know (but there is a possibility that they can stop giving the informative news about this) because Vladimir always manipulates anyone who isn’t ‘Mr Perfect Guy’ in perspective. In Russia, they still use MEDIEVAL ways of torturing someone because the are gay until they are perfectly ‘normal’. Since 2000, The President of the Russian Federation, aka Vladimir Putin, has been had power because in 2000, he was President for 2 terms, then after that, he became Prime Minister until 2009, where he got re-elected as President until now. Putin has been ignoring, Women’s Rights, Human Rights, The UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, Gay Rights and is Sexist, Racist and Anti-Gay. It was tolerable in between cold Russian-American War but now as I said before, he HAS flexed his muscles TOO far.

Even though Homo-sexuality is legal and Gay marriage is legal, he still is against it. Understandibly, Russia covers a mind blowing SIX time zones, is the largest country in the world and staggeringly, it has lesser population than the UK of about 60 million!


My opinion piece

Throughout this topic I have been learning all about Russia and rights. I have found this issue incredibly fascinating and really informative. In this topic, I have learnt all about how Russia have been treating their people. I have also been learning a lot about human rights and that everyone whatever their differences are equal and are entitled to the same things. To begin with, I was really shocked to find how poorly Russia were treating their people even thought they are part of the legal agreement to not discriminate others human rights.

I have been learning a great amount on the Russian government and what changes could be made for the better. Russia’s current leader is President Vladimir Putin. Putin has been in power for 17 years as he became the President in the year of 2000. Technically, Putin is already breaking the law because in Russia the law clearly states that any President can only serve for a maximum of two terms. However, Putin served for two terms, lowered to a different position and then returned back to being the President of Russia. President Putin was a fairly decent President to begin with and he attempted to improve Russia. Unfortunately, the more time Putin served as President the worse Russia became. Russia changed from actually becoming tolerable after the cold war with America to dramatically changed to becoming unbearably poor. The reason Russia is becoming horrifically terrible is because of the way they treat their people. I understand how some people love Russia because they are the largest country in the world covering over six times zones and it can be an incredibly beautiful place to live in. But what happens behind the scenes is the problem. Russia are known to restrain what is broadcasted in the news to ensure what is being told could not be offensive in any form towards the Russian government. Not only this, the way they treat their people is appalling.  Firstly, women’s rights do not exist in any form in Russia. Women can be abused mentally and physically and nothing can be or will be done about it. Women are seen as second place to men. They are not entitled to to the same wages as men and some women are pushed to breaking point and it is their dream to leave the country. It does not stop there.

Homosexuals are abused in every form imaginable and some medieval punishments are still used to this day in Russia. Gay marriage is illegal in Russia and it is the law that minors in Russia are not allowed to be taught what homosexuality is and that it is inappropriate to Russian life. It is disgusting how homosexuals are treated because they love someone. Is it fair that you are punished for loving someone?

This as we all know is inexplicable and it must stop there. Countries such as the UK are trying to intervene in Russia with Russia because they fear that Russian influences will spread and human rights will be demolished. I believe that UK should intervene with Russia discreetly so Russia cannot believe in any way that the UK are attacking Russia because they could severely retaliate, the last thing we want is a war with Russia because the technology is so advanced we could be wiped out as a race. I believe that even though it is highly unlikely a female leader in Russia would improve Russia as a race so much. Firstly, it would improve gender rights and could even improve gay rights. What do you think would improve Russia?

I would also like to thank all the teachers who at my school have supported me in the Burnet news club but I would also like to thank all the people who work for the BNC for creating such a great programme. And I would also like the time to say a saying I created a while ago which I think everyone should  sometimes should remember because it is all about differences it is “The paper was white, the ink was black yet it didn’t affect the letter”.

By loyalwolf.    Thank you.

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