Save our planet!puppyunicorn62

Our planet is in serious danger,we are releasing dangerous gas’s into polluted air. If we carry on like this animals such as:

Polar bears 

Sea turtles


And seals will unfortunately die. Since we all love these creatures we must save them we can do this by:


having solar panels

electric cars

and instead of burning wood for your fire place wear more layers of clothing to get warmer. If people do these things we can help the world be a better place. There are lots of countries in danger from climate change if you don’t release dangerous gas’s in the air you will help these countries such as:



Most of Africa

India and lots more

If we deal with climate change now it will save money later. There is no planet B! People should be more aware of whats going on around them so we can help this planet.

this is what will happen to most countries because of climate change



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