Student and filmmaker answers your questions | Social Housing

Sheneil Francis is a student in her first year at Sheffield University studying History. She is a keen film maker and feminist who enjoys playing basketball and acting.

We wanted Sheneil to show you how easy it is to speak to camera about your opinions. Hopefully she will inspire you for your Final Pieces!

"I think it's important to have a say about where you live as it might affect your whole lifestyle"

Sheneil Francis, University Student


  1. Arbours Primary Academy Arbours Primary Academy

    I think it is just right for us to have a say in where we live ; how our environment is getting affected. It might affect us one day ; if we don’t speak out it could become too late to state our opinions and things could easily turn difficult in our future living in an environment that doesn’t care about it’s effect on people’s lives.

  2. Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

    I think people have a right to have a house and if their is problems with it then they have to tell someone because their house and their health will be effected . Also people should speak out if they don’t like this house because then otherwise it will obviously effect your future.
    By diamond giraffe

  3. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    I think everyone deserves a house because it’s a human right. They should also get to decide where they live because some people need to be near a hospital or church,but this isn’t always the case.Some people think that citizens should be moved from the city to the country side or from the country side to the city.But this is really just up to them, if they want to move then they can ,but if they don’t want to ,they should be allowed to do that