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If you turn your attention towards the media headlines, you will quickly find that social housing is taking over the news. It seems politicians across the board are raising issues and solutions to the current problem that is the social housing crisis.

With many changes being made in Britain’s housing systems in recent months, it is commonly disregarded that such advances come forward with expenses.

What ways could our country provide more money to be diverted to contribute to the social housing issues at hand?

My suggestions stand below.

-We could set Brexit back a couple years

Brexit itself is expected to cost the country tens of billions of pounds to put in place and maintain. Why not focus on current affairs, rather than a financial plan for the future and fix the upfront issues, such as economic instability within social housing and the NHS? If we prolong the costs of Brexit, time could be spent instead on thoughts and investments linked to social housing. All it would take is a couple years to fix, then we could move along to tackle Brexit. After all, Brexit is still such a delicate plan that we aren’t even sure it will continue to take place. Time needs to be put into dire issues, rather than fluctuating possibilities.

-Hire better/more people in the government to focus on the issue of housing. The current housing minister, Alok Sharma, seems to be working primarily individually. Perhaps with further back up in his field, innovations could be put in place earlier.



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    The government should concentrate on Social Housing more as it has caused a lot of problems. More politicians needs to work on this situation and try to do something for these poor people who have been waiting for a long time to have shelter. The prime minister needs to take this matter seriously or else it will get worser. The best thing anyone in the council/government can do is trying to fill houses that are empty and then they can see IF they need to build more houses/flats for Social Housing.

  2. Hi aesthetichouseplant! I think it’s a good point that Brexit might distract the government from focusing on social housing. This is a good example of why it’s important to be curious and ‘dig deeper’ into an issue – sometimes you will find interesting new ideas! Great post – thanks for introducing a new idea to the discussion. Emily

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