Social Housing: Finale

As you all may know, this term of the social housing crisis has really made us think. I think I have gathered enough information to make this my final piece of the term. I shall be discussing about comments I’ve read examples of how the crisis is affecting people.

Interesting Comments.

There have been many interesting comments I’ve seen on my previous posts. I’ve only chosen ones I discussed in meetings but if your comment isn’t on here do not worry; it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it. It may come up in the next topic. Anyway, Arbours Primary Academy posted a comment that really caught my eye. It contained an idea of a £1 tax from British citizens to go forward to those in need of social housing. It also included an option to build a new “Garden City” like Milton Keynes or Welwyn.

The other comment was by Cloud kitty from Newington Community Primary School. She/he posted a very short but provoking comment that made me think and type back with quite a long reply. Cloud kitty said that it should be illegal for people to own more than 2 houses and 1 one of them should be taken away. I replied with that I wasn’t sure if it should be illegal. It may be a good idea but if it will become a fully-fledged law then there will definitely be a riot or two. People would complain to the government that their extra house has disappeared out of their reach while others, probably more caring, would maybe consider volunteering to hand their house to others more in need.

The Effect On Everyday Life.

An ex-boot factory in Central Northampton has been empty ever since 1995 when the business was canceled for they lost a contract with the manufacturer of Doc Marten boots which heavily affected the building’s reputation. Skipping to the future, the town’s Council wanted to renovate it and convert it into a social housing block. The only problem was…is that the actual factory was connected to a bunch of others apartments on either side so therefore they couldn’t demolish the old building. If they had demolished the factory, then the many citizens living in the flats would be in a very unstable living condition. Thanks to that problem, many families in need are still on the very long waiting list.

These huge problems are showing across the whole world. For example, in Canada the social housing there has traditionally been in high-rise clusters inside working-class neighbourhoods. In recent times, there has been a move towards integration of social housing programmes including market housing. In China, perhaps, it’s very creative as it is presented through a number of different sources such as the creation of new housing in otherwise abandoned environments and buildings. Properties and old apartments would be rented at a much more affordable price. In other situations, there are different circumstances such as unused land and exemption from the real estate developer fees are offered with low-income residents which is known as Jing Ji Shi Yong Fang.

Thank you so very much for reading.



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