Is Social Housing A Problem?

 Social Housing is a problem as there are thousands of people who need shelter. For example, I think that it isn’t a good idea to build apartments because there are a lot of houses that are empty and they should be used instead of building more houses/flats and using a lot of resources can cause problems such as depleting wood supplies. If you use a lot of trees, there will be deforestation and we won`t have oxygen and animals might die. The government/council isn’t helping much in this situation as people have been waiting for such a long time.

Families should be placed in a house first as they have kids, their health is really important and education matters no matter what! Another reason that it is not a good idea to build flats because the matter of Grenfell Tower, people couldn’t get out of the building and a lot of people died because of it. I am trying to say that if the government/council is going to build shelter, they should build houses instead of flats because then in case of an emergency; people can evacuate quicker out of sight and no one will be harmed.



  1. Social housing is a problem because there are lots of people who are in hostels. There are adults and children waiting for homes and there are over 90,000 people currently homeless according to the BBC. from dramaclub

  2. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    Social housing is a problem because there are thousands of people currently sitting on the streets waiting for a home. In my opinion I think they should only spend a little bit more money on social housing but not a great amount like some people have said they should because if they did then they would be spending much less on things like education. Therefore it wouldn’t be great because our schools and hospitals would suffer. Unicorn-horn 123 I disagree with you because you say we should build houses instead of blocks of flats, however blocks of flats will be cheaper and fit more people without using too much land. Therefore more money could be spent on other services and more people will be housed.