1. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    I think that reclaiming old houses is a good idea because if people don`t live in them anymore then they should be used for Social Housing or just normal housing. There is a lot of houses in the UK that are empty and should be used for Social Housing as the government finds it hard for people to find shelter for them.

  2. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I think that this is a great idea and otherwise the houses just stand there empty. Homeless people need these houses too.

  3. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    I think reclaiming empty houses is a good idea sometimes because if you are in hospital for a long time there might not be anyone at home but when you get out you will need the house so I think this is a bad idea sometimes. It can be a good idea when there is a house that has been rushed so you can’t live I them because they are not safe and then you repair it so someone can live there. I think with this solution there could be a few miner issues witch are that we might not have enough materials and money. If you wanted to stop this problem you could not give it a Sertain date because if at the end they think they don’t have anoutgh time they will rush it so it won’t be safe to live in.if someone is on holiday all the time for a long time the goverment should rent it out so someone would be living there more.


  4. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    Reclaiming houses is a good idea because more people can live in a house/flat that they need (e.g. space, disabilities).


  5. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    I agree with you because there are people in the streets that have nothing and rich people that have maybe even three houses and houses that are not used should be retaken as well because then its loosing money that we could be using to house people in need.

  6. Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

    i think social housing should be available for any ages


    • Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

      I agree with skullboynat because anyone is allowed to have a house, even if they are teenagers or not even that.


    • Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

      It depends on the age, exactly, if they are old enough to earn {16 or 17} then yes, but not really 10/ 11. Well, only if the social housing is foster homes or they are with guardians, parents or carers .

  7. Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

    There are lots of people who need houses but they do not have the money to buy them.


  8. Arbours Primary Academy Arbours Primary Academy

    I think it is good, but bad.

    The good reason is that people can have a house. Everybody has the right to have a roof above them. If people don’t have a house, people are basically coming closer to their end. If they have a house, they not only have a home, but also safety.

    But, the bad reason is that that house could be a special house for important event in those people lifes. Even if it was a good idea, will they get refunded if their property gets taken?

    Those are my thoughts.