Social Housing

Social housing

Social housing is -basically- is when the government gives houses the homeless people somewhere to live. I think this is good for the homeless people but if you look that the other side it is really hard to think whether social housing is fair for everyone or not.

Here’s why:

If there is a man –any age-who needs a house and the only house that was free was a five-bedroom house and the government gave the man –without no house– that five-bedroom home. After a few weeks, that man has settled in. But another family with six kids comes looking for a house and there’s no house left unless the man moves out again and lives on the street. Would you rather:

♥Move the man out      or

♥Not let the family have a home with her six kids.

I thought that we should not move the man out and so the lady is homeless you might think but then I thought that maybe they –the family ad the man– live together. But then people made me think why would this family trust this man. So someone had to move. Wich one would you chose?

So as I have shown is it fairl that some people –very  lucky poeple– have got the opptunityy to have a roof over thier heads while the other people have a sky over thier head

I’m not sure whether social housing is fair or not.

What do you know tink after reading this peice of text?

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  1. John Ruskin Primary School John Ruskin Primary School

    I think that the council should move out the man but should try to put him in a hostel . I think this because SEVEN people want to live in a house and there is only on person living there.


  2. Well I believe the family with 6 kids should rent the home, as there is 5 bedrooms. I also believe the man should stay, just in another bedroom.

  3. Upton Cross Primary School Upton Cross Primary School

    First reason :
    I think the man should move out because the family with six children are desperate for a home and the man is by himself and there are plenty of fish in the sea so he’s bound to find another place to call home, since there are a lot of landlords in the UK ,so he could find any other house.

    Second reason :
    I also think the man should stay but why would he need 5 bedrooms unless the landlord had a family so him an his wife with 1 room and maybe his parents with another room (1) and the kids have their own rooms and the tenant has one room and shares living room dining room and toilet so there would be no space for 6 children , a mum and dad.

    A Rowan platinum phoenix

  4. Excellent reasoning shown by Upton Cross, well done A Rowan platinum phoenix! I like how you have really thought about this man’s circumstances and how this would affect your decision. Plus, you have thought of both sides of the argument. Can you tell me which solution you think is best: is the first or second reason that you gave better and why? Other BNC members are very welcome to join in!

  5. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    Reasons 1: Does a man need 5 bedrooms. Also whats better seven people dying on the streets or one?

    Reason 2: That man lives in this house , he paid for it. Should he be kicked out for something he paid for??

  6. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    I agree Priceless Bunny because, say if there was a one bedroom flat that the family of six was offered the man living in the five bedroom flat should move out and be given the one bedroom flat and the larger family should be given the one bedroom flat.