Should someone never be given a house?


I think that everyone deserves a house if they don’t have a roof over their heads. It would be very disappointing if there is people out there without a home, would you like if you are struggling to find a house and you are sofa surfing or even living on the street. Well I know I wouldn’t want to be because there is a high chance of you getting severely hurt or ill, in the UK there is close to over a million people who don’t have a home. This isn’t fair for those who have lives like this, I hope no one is living in this situation; however, there are people living like this. The Government shouldn’t say no to someone who needs a house because as we know Government earning is really good, which means it would be really helpful if he couldn’t be so selfish and spend the most smallest amount of his money on building more houses so that not very many people are in this condition and we have less than a million people on the street. We may not like these people living on the street but if this was you and it was your only option I am pretty sure that you would take this option. I think that the Government shouldn’t do this, well this is my opinion.




  1. Didcot Girls' School Didcot Girls' School

    I agree with you Sharan2017 as no one should live on the streets especially when the weather is dark and cold. They should deserve a roof over their heads, fresh water, clean clothes and a family. No one wants to be homeless and on their own.

  2. Didcot Girls' School Didcot Girls' School

    I agree with you ‘Sharan2017’ as everyone deserves a home especially when it is weather like this and no one should be left on the streets on their own with no family to support them. I think that all BNC club users are aware of the issue of ‘Social housing crisis’ as they would sometimes see people on the streets trying to get money for themselves. I hope you can agree on this.

  3. Everyone deserves a house and no one should be in the streets.