Stereotyping is when you judge someone about who they are.

For example people see me as a  smaller person because of my size.

I see myself as a normal teenager.`

If someone judged me before they knew me,  I would feel discriminated against because I know who I am and I don’t like others judging me just because of how I  look.

by dramaclub

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  1. Colegrave Primary School Colegrave Primary School

    I think that no one should judge someone before they meat them I think it is such a serious matter that you should get arrested for it if you stereotype someone you could really hurt there feelings they could feel isolated about talking to anyone else because they are afraid it will have the same out come I am reading a book named wonder right now and it about this boy named August who looks different people look at him stare and then mutter to themselves or friends this makes him put down his head every time he sees someone and it is all because people judged him about his look I find this concerning but now I know what other people can go through and I hate it no human being or alien should have to go home sometimes crying because someone said something about there appearance it is awful and I think if you know someone who is a stereotype or you are stop it!