Stereotyping is when you judge someone before you know them, kind of like the saying judging a book by its cover. For example, people would see me as a rude defiant child , whereas I am a funny, cheeky, annoying teenager. If someone judged me before they knew me I would feel violated because they might end up not liking me. Also, the dangers of stereotyping people is you could end up getting hurt for example, imagine if you said something that would end up hurting the persons feelings, they could end up being a physical fight as a result. Genders are often seen in different ways depending on who you are,  for example some people may think boys playing netaball is uncommon.



  1. I agree, here I’ve written down some stereotypes for boys and girls:
    •We like the colour pink.
    •We’re ‘useless’ at sport.
    •We can’t fight as well as boys.
    •We expect men to save us at the end of the day.
    •We are really good at sport, no matter what it is.
    •We have to propose, or it’ll be ‘weird’.
    •Maths and engineering is more for us.
    •We get higher salaries because we are smarter.

  2. Thanks for the examples that really help to illustrate the post from MRL10!

    Why do you think stereotypes come about? I am curious to know where these have come from. Olivia