Stop motion animation – Sexism: The Obliteration

What do you think about gender equality in 2018?

We think this is a very pressing issue that doesn’t have a definite solution yet needs to bee solved swiftly.

How have you shown this in your artwork?

We have shown this by having the women imprisoned even though this would never really happen in real life, it was only done this way to give off the sense of inequality that we face in the modern, fast-paced world we live in. as you would have probably guessed our whole video is very  exaggerated but it still represents modern-day sexism.

Have you used any images or symbols that you have learnt about in this issue?

We have used the male gender sign as the ring around the planet Masculania to show that it believes  in a men only culture.

What colours have you used and why?

We have used a mix of different colours in our art; the background is white to show bareness and although there are some bright colours, the overall mood is dry and depressing showing that every community needs a mix of both men and women. the jail isn’t actually the standard image of a jail giving the impression that the planet is already a jail for women.

What have you called your piece?

We have called our piece;  Sexism: The Obliteration.

by; Sceptic Cookie, Cocktail Inferno and PeperamiMan


  1. Another stellar production from Sceptic Cookie, Cocktail Inferno and PeperamiMan! This was creative, informative and made us really curious about what might happen next. This video was very inventive and we shared it with all of our colleagues in our office.. that’s 100s of people! Well done. Olivia

    • Thanks a lot for the compliment We really appreciate it! When we were making it we weren’t sure if it would count as artwork and so we are all relieved to see it does. It took us a lot of time to make this so we are all glad you like it!

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