Stories about freedom-or not?

You want to protest, disappointed on how your country is run ,you go onto the streets early evening to start a protest. What would happen in:

A country where you DO have freedom of speech?:

You go onto the street with banners and signs to show your message. the atmosphere is (largely) friendly and you talk to others about why you are protesting. the police, of course are there but they are not being violent, if anything, they are friendly. They are just there to make sure nothing get out of hand. You are there for hours cheering and chanting. Later you gohome, feeling pleased and happy that you have made your voice heard.

next morning you look at the newspapers and the protest is in it. You are not portrayed as stupid or rebellious ( atleast in most of the newspapers) but you are instead getting your voices heard.

A country where you DO NOT have freedom of speech?:

You cautiosly go onto the streets. There are many less people and the atmosphere is nervous. Most people have stayed at home. The police are stood around on tall horses and have guns holstered at their belts. their is only a quiet murmur and the police obviously are getting irritated, waiting to swing their batons. Suddenly someone shouts “for freeedom!!” and the police rocket off, rounding up protesters and waving bats wildly throught the small crowd.” The crowd runs and so do you. You get home whishing you never went to the protest but you are frustrated that you cannot get your voice heard. next day there is nothing in the newspapers , it is all quietly hushed up, or the story is twisted to make YOU seem like the monster rather than the police. It is so unfair.



  1. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    In my country, which is called Sudan, we don’t have freedom of speech. We are not allowed to talk about the Sudanese government nor the president. Otherwise we will get thrown in jail, sometimes people get tortured or killed. LittleStar466

  2. Newington Community Primary School Newington Community Primary School

    I’m so sorry about your loss of Freedom of speech and in my opinion, ALL countries across the world should have freedom of speech. I think it is very important to say what we want(as long as it doesn’t offend anyone)
    _Purple potato