Russia and Rights | Issue Highlights & Thought Leader

The Thought Leaders of this issue were St Peter's Primary School!

Well done to St Peter's who really impressed us throughout the Issue. It was excellent to see lots of Hub handles active online and then read their final pieces. We could see a real development of their reasoning skills. Keep up the hard work!

We were also really impressed by...

Aesthetichouseplant at Faringdon Community College posted a really creative poem about freedom.  The analogy they used really got us thinking about freedom in a completely different way. Check out their post and see what you think about their idea. What else could you compare freedom to?

We really enjoyed reading this comment from Knighthunter24 at John Ruskin School because it gave really good reasons for the opinion given. As well as that, it provided both sides of the argument which showed excellent open-mindedness. Read the full post here

BNC Skills...

These were the best examples of the BNC skills this issue. We were really impressed with how much you all challenged each other and developed your thinking throughout this issue, well done!

Malcom Arnold Academy

Graveney School

Woodhill Primary School

Elaine Primary Academy

Thomas Middlecott Academy

Weekly Winners...

We had loads of superb entries to the weekly competitions, so thank you! You can check out each of the winning entries by clicking here.  


  1. Willowtown Primary School Willowtown Primary School

    I think that Russia should respect the law. by unicornpower468

  2. Willowtown Primary School Willowtown Primary School

    Russia and rights I think that Russia should be allowed to have the right of freedom of speech. by unicornpower468

  3. Willowtown Primary School Willowtown Primary School

    well done st peters primary you done a good job

    I love cupcakes 0239

  4. Willowtown Primary School Willowtown Primary School

    welldone saint peters primary you did a amazing job/deed by sassy savage princess

  5. Willowtown Primary School Willowtown Primary School

    welldone unicorn power you are amazing /brilliant

  6. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    Russia aren’t respecting anyone


  7. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    Russia should get there own rights however they aren’t respecting anyone