The climate is changing

Our interpretation of ‘climate change’ may differ to yours. What we think climate change is, is the change in temperature around the world. This is very current in our world and most people are dreading the consequences, however, some countries may be celebrating this phenomenon as it will warm their countries and make them more suitable for living. These are countries like Russia, Canada, Greenland and the area of Scandinavia. (Canada, Greenland, and the area of Scandinavia will experience a rip-roarin’ economic boom.) These are the countries that are affected by what we think will be good for them. So is climate change really that bad? Yes, yes it is.

The countries that will be hurt:

The countries that will be hit the hardest by climate change are the ‘tropical regions’ and ‘poorer countries’. Also,

‘Those living in the poorest countries also have the most to lose, as so many depend on agriculture, which is likely to be badly affected by temperature rises and an increase in droughts, heatwaves and potential changes to rainfall that may lead to recurrent patterns of floods, droughts and higher intensity storms.’ (

Press here for the cities that may be underwater well before 2100. Some like Miami will be underwater because this is the state that has been hit by floods and storms as they are near to water. Trump said he will invest in more money to prevent the city from being flooded all the time, but can one man really help to save a city or a planet alone?


    The Polar Ice caps:

The Polar Ice Caps are going to melt if global warming continues to grow. This will result in the extinction of Polar bears and the complete drowning of most major coastal cities. Here is a video explaining this.  If you love Polar bears, then why would you (and we as humanity) let them die. Also, if coastal cities flood, as a result of the Polar Ice Caps melting, there will be many causalities and survivors would have to seek refuge, meaning another wave of refugees on-top-of the flood of them from Europe and Syria. This is something that the world will not be able to handle and, seeing as we are not prepared, we should stop happening.



To summarise, we believe that global warming and climate change is existent (going against the ideas of Donald Trump) and that, if we are not prepared for the consequences, we should prevent it as best as possible in the digital age. Where we live, we hardly even see snow! So we propose that stopping global warming and restricting climate change is the right decision.

Thank you for reading.

By: Delta and Alpha


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    The Climate is Changing

    My Opinion

    Climate is changing and people think that they don’t need to worry but this is a really bad thing. There are a lot of issues in life and this is a big one because Climate Change can kill people like any other issues can do. For example if there was a tornado than it could cause a lot of problems. You should care about Climate Change a lot of people could injured or could die.