The Issue

The Issue

Each half term Burnet News Club members discuss a new issue in the news. Clubs all over the UK explore the same issues at the same time, sharing their views in sessions at school and here on the online Hub. On this page club members can see all the news content and resources that we provide to support their discussions on each issue.

'The Issue' is a six-hour scheme of work. Each scheme of work leads students through a unique process to critically engage with the issue. Our schemes of work include multimedia current affairs content designed with journalists at The Economist, weekly session guides, and interactive activities. It is only available to Burnet News Club members. If you are interested in joining the club, please email You can see a sample current issue here, and all issues from past school years are available to Burnet News Club schools here.

Burnet News Club Issue - 2018: Year of the Woman

Current issue
World Cup 2018: Should sport and politics mix?

Football’s FIFA World Cup is about to start, and this time Russia is hosting it. Thirty-two teams from across the world will be competing. But the location of the tournament is controversial. Russia invaded neighbouring countries in 2008 and 2014, and it has recently upset America, Britain and their allies. They think Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, ordered the poisoning of an ex-spy on British soil. They are also angry with him for backing Syria after it was accused of killing its citizens using gas. And America is investigating whether Russia meddled with the presidential election won by Donald Trump in 2016.

So some people are wondering whether England should boycott the World Cup, to show that we don’t agree with the way Russia is acting. Others say that politics has no place in sport. In this issue, you’ll be answering the question: Should politics and sport mix?

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