The Issue

The Issue

Each half term Burnet News Club members discuss a new issue in the news. Clubs all over the UK explore the same issues at the same time, sharing their views in sessions at school and here on the online Hub. On this page club members can see all the news content and resources that we provide to support their discussions on each issue.

'The Issue' is a six-hour scheme of work. Each scheme of work leads students through a unique process to critically engage with the issue. Our schemes of work include multimedia current affairs content designed with journalists at The Economist, weekly session guides, and interactive activities. It is only available to Burnet News Club members. If you are interested in joining the club, please email You can see a sample current issue here, and all issues from past school years are available to Burnet News Club schools here.

Burnet News Club Issue - 2018: Year of the Woman

Current issue
Is a vegan society a better society?

Human beings evolved eating a mixture of plants and animals. Meat is nutritious so it was particularly valuable when food was harder to get hold of and things like shops didn’t exist. In those days humans had to gather food from nature, in the way that all other animals do. This meant no good food could be ignored. Now, people have more choice. Some choose not to eat animals, or even the products of animals, like eggs and milk. These people are called vegans.

The word “vegan” was invented in 1944. It was coined by a British man called Donald Watson. Watson was a vegetarian – someone who avoids eating meat. But he and his friends believed that even animals that were not killed for food, such as cows that are milked and chickens that lay eggs, were suffering.

Some say veganism is the fastest-growing lifestyle in Britain, and think social media is responsible for this growth. Vegan Youtubers and Instagrammers are increasingly popular and use beautiful images of their food and lifestyles to spread their message. There are now over half a million vegans in Britain.

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