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Recently, there was a protest regarding whether England should take part in the world cup regarding Russia’s recent actions like the possible poisoning of the Russian father and daughter. Do you think we should enter the world cup? If we do are we sending a positive message to those innocent people warped by fear across the globe? Are we not to supposed to be a beacon of hope to the victims of constant injustice? Are we doing this by supporting a nation that on live television drugged an innocent woman who was demanding as to why her son ,who could have been saved, drowned in a submarine accident?


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  1. Upton Cross Primary School Upton Cross Primary School

    We should enter the World Cup.However,we are still getting our priorities in order for example brexit.A reason for entering is that if we did and Russia is angry at us,the probability of the reason for it to be about politics is high, however the World Cup is entertainment, which should have nothing to do with politics.
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