In my opinion I think it wastes resources and it causes deforestation. People might live in that area, and it could affect their roads because of the building.


What do you think?




  1. Thomas Hinderwell Primary Thomas Hinderwell Primary

    No because we need more space around for other people who come

    Black Unicorn

  2. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    I think that it isn’t a good idea to build apartments because there are a lot of houses that are empty and they should be used instead of building more houses/flats and using a lot of resources can cause problems such as : using wood . If you use a lot of tree, there will be deforestation and we won`t have oxygen and animals might die.

  3. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    I don’t think that this is an ideal solution, but personally the best of the three contenders. However, I know that Money and space to build is an issue, but hopefully something can be figured out.


  4. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    Well I think that we should build skyscrapers but give biger families larger faults and even houses. I disagree with black unacorn that we should build more flats fore small families
    Swallow 567

  5. Oasis Academy Don Valley Oasis Academy Don Valley

    I don’t agree with you because it might give less space for the people who live near the space you are gonna take by building more useless flats which will hardly come to use and if they take that much space then they might not even have enough space to park their car near their house. The only reason i thought of this is because my cousin lives in a flat and once they did not have enough space to even park their car near their house so they had to park it faraway.


  6. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    I think no because we need space and London is packed as it is. They are even considering building houses on the River Thames because there is no space,so we shouldn’t try to build more houses or flats
    By tabbycat0.5

  7. Oasis Academy Don Valley Oasis Academy Don Valley

    No, I think because some people have a broken legs or might be to old and even have problems so
    it would be hard for them to live in a flat. Their might not get enough houses to live in and they would have to live in a flat.
    Fantastic Ice skater.

  8. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    I think if we should build flats we should build them taller and if we build them taller it isn’t taking up any space.

    • Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

      But what if the flats have to be really big and they take up all the nature that helps us breath.


  9. I’m really pleased to see so many people giving their opinion in this post. You might not realise it, but you’re from schools across the UK so will have very different experiences that are influencing your decisions. What have you seen in your local area that has helped you to come to a conclusion? I’d love to read your reasons! Olivia

  10. Kings Heath Primary Academy Kings Heath Primary Academy

    I think that we should not be building new houses because then we will be wasting our nature and all the trees, flowers and plants help us breath fresh air so we have a chance of not breathing because all the nature is being wasted!!


    • That’s a passionate point you make, pinkfluffyunicorn123. Well done! I’ts important when we have these discussions that we don’t exaggerate in order to prove our point. If you think we ‘have a chance of not being able to breathe’, it would be great if you could add in some evidence to support this point! I look forward to hearing from you. Olivia

  11. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    I think that is good to build flats. I think that it’s good because flats take a small amount of space but are tall so they could fit more people instead of just placing lots of houses in random areas. Also, neighbourhoods need recreation like parks so if you put lots of houses down, their might not be much space for those stuff. But if you put a few flats, it could fit more people and you’d have more space to build parks and other places.

    -By TheTeleportationKing

  12. Barnhill Community High School Barnhill Community High School

    Personally, i feel that building more flats is a significant way to end the housing crisis in the UK. By building more flats, more civilians can live in one place instead of private estates being built in an already small country. I understand that you feel that it would waste resources and cause deforestation, however, i disagree with this. This is because we are technically solving a fundamental crisis which is effecting the development of the country so it is not wasting resources. Also, we do not have to necessarily cause deforestation we can build the estates in places where there is space and does not cause disruption to the community or nature. We can also use other ways to end this crisis, such as, housing people in empty houses across the country. I really enjoyed reading your post and hope to see more!

    Just another opinion by
    An Inspired Vision

  13. Oasis Academy Don Valley Oasis Academy Don Valley

    I think it is a good idea because it will more easier housing people and if people have a issue getting up the stairs there wont have to wait long.

    By crafty commenter


  14. Oasis Academy Don Valley Oasis Academy Don Valley

    Maybe not because maybe there are even more spare flats and you did not even know about them so it would just be a waste of resources and maybe one day you might actually need things to make a new flat when it is actually needed so i would advise you not to.

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  15. Oasis Academy Don Valley Oasis Academy Don Valley