What we think about climate change

Climate change has a devastating effect on many people on the globe.  As our world slowing getting warmer, more people have to suffer even if they didn’t contribute to the cause. People are suffering because they are not used to the weather for example people who live in cold places are experiencing hot weather. We all hope that this situation becomes better so everyone can enjoy their lives happily.

freedom707, GoldIndependence06 and DiamondFriendship629


  1. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    Hello freedom707, GoldIndependence06 and DiamondFriendship629, you have shown that people who have done nothing but are in painful situations but you haven’t talked about the people who produce the Co2. The main producers are America and China; America is the least likely to change as Donald trump doesn’t believe in Climate change and has pulled out of the Paris Accord which means that he won’t give money to people who want to stop Co2 being produced. China Has a lot of factories, which if they were stopped lots of people would lose their jobs.
    Do you think that 1st world countries should cut down on their Co2 productions to improve the worlds standards?

    Yours Sincerely,

  2. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    convincing argument but a long time ago the earth was even hotter then it is know