do you think it is the governments responsibility of social housing?

i think it is because it is the governments job to take care of the country and homeless people.If you don’t think it is the go if the government responsibility who’s is it then? Isn’t in charge of social housing, do you think it will be the same or will it be different?

by patheticblabby218910


  1. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    @blackmagic13 I disagree. I think that it should be the councils job to houses homeless people. It would be easier and quicker if the the council did home people because the government have to take care of things across the UK and sometimes worldwide and as the council are all spread over the UK and they have their own community to look after. This means that if the council housed homeless people in their area then people could find a house much quicker. Though there is still the issue of there being no space to build the social houses.

  2. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I actually think that it is everyones responsibolity to provide homes for the less fortunate. We could offer them a night in our own home and a lot of people are in the financially postpone to provide them a shelter. It is easier said than done however could we all not participate to help. would we all not want everyone to help if we were homeless?

  3. I think the government is in charge of the whole process but they can’t work on every 65.64 million individuals living in the UK so that is why we have our councils to work on where people in that area live.
    Curious Kitty