Our thoughts on Social Housing.

What should we do about the social housing crisis? Build more houses? Moving people out of crowded areas? Or should we convert old houses into new ones? 

In total, 2010-2011, the government invested £2.5bn into Social Housing. But the invested money has significantly decreased by £2.115bn by 2015. In result of this, many people are out of the streets, on the roads, in the allies. Homeless.

If we move people out of the crowded areas, there would be less people in the streets. With their move, they will receive a roof over their head. A home.

Converting old homes into new ones would give us more homes for our social housing program also it wouldn’t cost as much as building new ones. As a bonus, most of them are stable. Some homes are stable, but some are not therefore we can use the stable ones for our social housing. You may think that we are wasting land by keeping these unstable, wrecked, old buildings up however we can always tear them down to recycle and rebuild on the land. Resulting in more land for new homes.

In my opinion, I believe that converting old homes into new ones is our best option because there is already a stable structure standing. Renovation wouldn’t cost as much as building a new house.


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  1. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    Hi Blue Monkey 80 and The~Asgardian~Reporter it’s Dumbledore 006,

    I really enjoyed reading your information and looking at your statistics.
    I think that converting old houses into new is the best solution.