Life of an Animal, and Their Non-Existant Rights – VulneraSanentur4


There are no dead bodies,

inside mine.


No animals deprived,

of a life,

not given a grave.


No exploitation,

I realised you,

how would you feel,

if we bred and raised you for dead?


No milk,

from a cow,

not allowed,

to even feed,

their child.


A child they raised,

maybe taken away,

but still a child,

living life on the inside,

because their mama was killed,

and they were bred.


Bred for dead,

eaten by you,

for your enjoyment,

your gain,

their pain,

being killed,

simply for human life.


A human life that didn’t need it,

a human life capable of living,

a right we are given,

a right we take away,

a right that only extends to one species,

the human,

because we think we’re better,

than an innocent life of an animal.





  1. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

    This is a really nice, heartfelt poem. I read it and I totally agree. Sadly I cannot become a vegetarian due to various medical issues but if I could, I would. I’m not so sure I would become a Vegan because they don’t eat milk or eggs or anything and it is an animals natural way of life to produce these thing- except eggs which I will come to in a minute- but I definitely agree with vegetarians as I can’t stand the thought of dead animals inside me, being a great animal lover myself. However, I don’t eat eggs as if we left eggs to their natural way, they would become baby chicks. Luckily for me, I don’t like eggs so it helps me stay away from them. But milk… it won’t become a baby cow. Cows produce that without harm. But I agree with Animal Rights. It’s not fair and everything in the poem is true.

  2. Crampton Primary School Crampton Primary School

    I’m not vegan, and yet what is in this poem has made me see the pain that animals go through. I already understood it but never really wanted to think about the pain they went through just for our leisure. I must confess that I will probably never be vegan, but the thought of dead animals- animals that I have always seen as harmless yet beautiful-in my stomach does make me feel guilty for they never hurt anyone. I think that you are absoloutely right, and what you have said wont disappear from my mind for a long time.

  3. Well done, VulneraSanentur4 for writing a poem that shows brilliant empathy and has got other people thinking. I would like the other people who have enjoyed reading it, but still won’t become vegan, to explain their reasons why they wouldn’t. I think it has something to do with the fact that the poem is very emotive but equally, food is a very personal thing. Why do you think there is sometimes a conflict between the two? Olivia