Is Veganism A Better Society?

We all know that people who aren’t vegan eat the produce from animals (milk, eggs etc.) however would Veganism be a better society to live in? As a vegan, you don’t eat the produce from animals which would mean less animals are being killed due to the amount of vegans. Although there are still an abundance of people who aren’t vegan which is not very environment friendly because the animals are either being shot or cut open just for the reasons of us eating slightly different food. We feel that there is a better way to handle this. That is that, some people could try being vegans to see that it wont be that bad and eventually get used to it. Maybe go for a few days t a week then expand of those few days. We think that a vegan society is better but what do you think?


by unicornburger


  1. Newington Community Primary School Newington Community Primary School

    The population of animals might over flow and all the productions will go to waste and if we did in the UK it might have not the right weather than other countries and you’ll need shipping for all the fuirt and vegies the contries and it will cause climmat change

  2. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    I believe that it would be slightly worse as they would be no money. You may think that I’m crazy however, vegans cannot use any products of animal. It is a little know fact that the new £5, £10 notes have traces of animal fat inside therefore vegans have a HUGE problem with using these new notes.



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