Veganism : Not A Problem

I believe that being a vegan is not a problem because it is just a diet choice . Although many people believe that farmers could loose their jobs by every body who turns vegan but there will always be people who desire meat and dairy products. Why is this even an issue in BNC  if it is just a life choice.



  1. Can any BNC members explain why they think this has been a BNC issue?

    -Tiff at the Foundation

  2. I think this has been a BNC issue because of it’s immediate relevance. Currently, awareness is being raised about the impact we are having on the environment, and as such people have begun to think about ways we can undo the damage we have done. David Attenborough and other prominent figures are speaking out to save our planet. Veganism could be a way to limit our destruction, or at the very least raise awareness about farming methods. By NellieBly:the2nd

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