VEGANISM: Who Are You To Decide?



Who are you to decide?

The life of another,

the life of a friend,

just because he doesn’t live in a bed,

a soft bed provided by you,

just because she doesn’t roam the streets,

hissing and causing mayhem.


Who are you to decide?

The life of a child,

the life of their ma,

just because they were bred,

bred by two, caused by you,

just because they served their purpose,

the birth of the next.


It all seems so different,

if I don’t tell you,

if we don’t make the difference,

between human and animal,

because if we use the word slaughter,

is there really one?


Is there a difference,

between you and them.

If I was talking about a human,

you would say no,

murder is wrong.

But now you know it’s an animal,

you don’t care.


You don’t care if it’s a cow,

because they don’t serve your needs.

You don’t need that alive.

But that blood is on your hands,

remember that,

not mine.


  1. Wow! This was a really cool poem and had a really strong message in it. I think if a lot of people saw this they might change their minds about Veganism.


  2. I agree, PeperamiMan! It would be great for a storytelling Burnet News Club member to write a poem in response to this. Perhaps you could write one that is written from the point of view of an animal? That would be great! Olivia

  3. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    Stupidly awesome poem,Vulnerasanentur4. It’s really powerful, and could easily change many minds.


  4. Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

    i think that poem is very persuasive and it will help change people minds about things and it was well said.