My views on social housing – FINAL PIECE

 This terms topic is ‘Social housing’.We are looking at why this is a problem and what are the most efficient ways to resolve it.

What is the current situation regarding social housing?

At the moment, there is a crisis in social housing because in 1980, 1/3 of houses in the U.K were social housing. Unfortunately, there has been a dramatic drop – only 1/6 of houses are now social housing. What do you think caused this fraction to decrease?

What are the possible solutions?

There are three possible solutions:

  • build new houses
  • move people out of crowded areas
  • reclaim empty homes

Which one do you think is most reliable and sufficient?

What do I think would be the best solution?

In my opinion, I believe that the third option (reclaim empty houses) is most achievable. I think this because Northampton is known for it’s shoe makers. This means that there are many abandoned factories which were used by cobblers. It would be easy enough to build a block of flats.

What challenges might you face when trying to overcome the social housing crisis?

For me, the most effective problem is the council. As most of you know, a tragic fire occurred, on Wednesday 14th June 2017, at Grenfell tower, London. A main reason that this unimaginable incident happened was the council. It is said that around £5000 was saved on that tower as the covers were of a cheaper material, where as the more expensive version was fireproof and would not have spread the fire more easily. Just think, £5000 cost 60 lives. That is around £83.33 for one life.

How can we overcome this?

`In order to overcome this we could make our own decisions. Think of others instead of money. Fast forward to think of all the possible consequences before looking at the cheaper option.

In conclusion, the government could maybe involve the public more and compare  the two results. Also, we could ensure that all our voices are heard and make our opinions count.

Thank you and consider my thoughts (please answer my questions )

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  1. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    If you think if you had a man with a 10 bedroom flat would you be mad because he is all on his own because he was homeless once and he has just moved in you could just be nice and let people stay with you. On the other hand, you could just let 10 people stay with you because that would be generous.