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I’ve been reading what the Burnet News Club members have been discussing over the past half term – the American presidential election race. Like many Americans, it seems that you are making your decisions on who to vote for out of the lesser of two evils. A strong number of you say you’d vote for Hillary but only because your dislike for her is nothing compared to your disgust at Trump’s racism and sexism.


Raven the Rauthor writes, “I think that they are both quite horrid and despicable (mainly Donald Trump, as everyone knows). But out of the two, I’d vote for Hilary Clinton, for she plans, and waits patiently for the time to make her move, Donald Trump just goes for it, without thinking of what he wants to say.”


I completely agree. I would hate to be an American at this time. Neither candidate inspires me, but my fear of a chaotic Trump presidency would force me to vote for Hillary. After Hillary was announced the official Democratic nominee I remember scrolling through the Twitter hashtag ‘#GirlIGuessImWithHer’. This was a play on Hillary supporters’ hashtag ‘#ImWithHer’ by reluctant Democratic voters. I felt sorry for the thousands of Americans who were only going to vote for Hillary because she’s an alternative to Trump. Even Oprah Winfrey came out and said, “You don’t have to like her… but there really is no choice, people.”


This isn’t to say some of you haven’t considered Trump’s advantages over Hillary. One comment that really got me thinking was from chocolatebrownieswoo_3, who still prefers Hillary. They point out that, “An entrepreneur as successful as Trump cannot be lacking in experience. To add, all top businessmen/women have a ‘political career’ because a strong political presence is necessary in business to cut successful deals nationally and internationally. Business and Politics overlap and interlink.”


Although it’s debatable how successful an entrepreneur Trump actually is, his self-bnc-approved-american-election-7marketing skills are impressive. He must have some sort of business and political knowledge to remain in the public eye for so long and to survive so many bankruptcies. Also, Trump has shown a good grasp of politics. For example, he won the Republican nomination from experienced politicians by manipulating media coverage. He targets a group of people who feel ignored by the establishment.  I used to think Trump was completely inexperienced, but chocolatebrownieswooo_3 is right, he must have some experience.


So Trump may have some presidential skills because he’s a businessman, although I personally believe proper experience in politics is vital to run a country. Trump’s supporters also praise him for being separate from the establishment and uncensored, but how true is this?


After looking closely at a quote from Trump about immigration that contradicts his usual racist claims, MoonlightLeviosa8 decided that Trump is “not only manipulative; he’s also manipulated to buff over his own ideas to win the campaign”. 

They ask, “Do you want someone who’s LYING to win the polls as your president for the next FOUR YEARS?” For me this is the scariest thing about a potential Trump presidency. I do think Trump is racist because he spews so much ignorance and hatred. bnc-approved-american-election-10Nonetheless, I reckon most of what he says about foreign policy is to win votes from people who feel threatened by immigrants and foreigners.  I don’t think he fully believes everything that he says, or plans to act on it (you can’t build a wall in Mexico and then expect Mexicans to pay for it, that’s like banning someone from a party and then expecting them to clean up the mess afterwards). I can’t trust Trump at all, because I don’t know whether what he says are his beliefs or just lies.


Furthermore, if he does become president, I’m sure that he would have to be ‘manipulated’ and censored to keep up international relations. As president, Trump has to negotiate with other important world leaders as well as represent America. Therefore, to be a successful president he can’t keep on saying racist and sexist things, otherwise other countries won’t want to work with him. However, if Trump changes what he says, won’t that disappoint many Trump voters and cause even more tension in America?


Overall, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and I agree with much of what I saw. I think Hillary would make a better president than Trump because she is more experienced and rational. However, like most of you, I wouldn’t be enthusiastic about voting for her. I have no idea how the election will turn out next month. The polls say that Hillary is likely to win at the moment, but recently polls have been inaccurate. For example, many didn’t predict Brexit. Furthermore, because many people don’t like Hillary, they might not turn up to vote for her. For me, however, one thing is for certain: I miss Barack Obama, America’s current president, already.


  1. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    Genuinely, I previously stated about how it’s such a hard decision for the public of US Nation. And I still do believe this comment. However, I want to add that an entrepreneur as successful as Trump cannot be lacking in experience. American Apprentice has a political agenda. People view Trump as an authoritative figure and a successful businessman. Although, I still do think Hillary Clinton would be a fairer candidate for a few subtle reasons. One, she would be the first US Nation’s female president! It would be wonderful to witness a female running a multi-cultuaral and free-handed country in the modern day and age. Also, I view her policies as fairer and safer than Trump’s and she is willing to keep Obama care, whereas one thing many people disagree with of Trump’s policies is his policy to end the immigration system for the US, or carrying guns around freely (and also building a wall to seperate the US and Mexico, although that isn’t a policy really), but Hillary wants to allow more checks on a person when buying a gun, improve the immigration system, keep ObamaCare etc. But Trump isn’t lacking in experience in my opinion as the American Apprentice (AA) has a political agenda, as I stated before. However, he lacks in generosity and humanity. I enjoyed reading your post and expressing my opinion so I thankyou if you took your time to read my comment and I’m sorry if it was a bit long.

    • Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

      😮 I’ve heard from other BNC Club Members that Hillary Clinton has discriminated African-Americans and that if you see one getting arrested/punished, he/she is most likely a member of a gang and deserves it. Now punishments are consequences, yes? And there are different consequences for each event/mistake or whatever you would class the term as. But sometimes, you need to give people a second chance. Also, through this comment I’m trying to say, should we give Donald Trump a second chance? Everybody makes mistakes 🙂 Everybody is talking about the prejudice comments about certain ethnicities/genders etc BUT they are judging him and making assumptions and accusitions (I’d like to differ, AT THE MOMENT ONLY, considering what I’m talking about :)!) because of his past. In my perspective, I believe it’s unfair to blame/judge somebody on their history/past. 🙁 Also, both haven’t always been honest/fair. People change sometimes. So have either candidates changed or not and can they be trusted?

  2. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    One thing we can all agree on what you have said Martin is that we all wish that Barack Obama will be dearly missed. This may also give an advantage for Hilary Clinton, being that she is the political descendant of Barack Obama many of his voters may turn to her to rule their country. Donald Trump does have a voice speaking for those who either do not trust or simply dislike the establishment. he speaks for the normal everyday people in America that sometimes the people in America’s politics may forget exist. Like Oprah Winfrey has quoted they may well have no choice but to vote for Hilary Clinton. None of us are going to be excited for her but we may as well say she is the better candidate not expecting much too much of her people or the other countries they have to work with. Donald Trump, as you have clearly stated, is throwing it all out at once, a bit too much like vomiting. he is clearly expecting too much of Mexico here to have them separated and for Mexico to pay for it. It is like you said, asking someone not to come to a party but to have them clean up afterward. It also a form of rudeness and greed. In his form of rudeness, he is asking them to pay for something they did not sign up for and in terms of greediness he is asking them to pay clearly saying without words that he thinks that his own money is much more precious than others. Hilary is asking simply for a much safer and well cared for America not just from her but from the people as well. But we still have to face the facts that nobody is perfect, including Clinton. People have been saying that she is clearly the better candidate. Now I do not disagree with that but in, my opinion people, are saying it as if she is some sort of holy goddess! I am not saying it to be rude but rather expressing my true opinions in a matter of not trying to hurt somebody. We know about her e-mail scam but ignore it rather than acknowledging it. It seems a bit of a disappointment to me because we are treating it as if it changes absolutely nothing to the presidential election. People are simply disregarding the fact when we know it is out there and like Donald Trump has done worse. He has, but not by a milestone.


    • Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

      Hello, KaraokeKat

      I agree with you that Barack Obama will be dearly and sincerely missed. The fact Hillary has had experience is great, but it isn’t fair to think she is better (as other members on the hub have stated previously) because of her being a descendant of Barack Obama. An entrepreneur like Trump isn’t lacking in experience. The American Apprentice has a political agenda. He is viewed as a successful and authoritative businessman, and therefore also has experience. You stated “It also a form of rudeness and greed. In his form of rudeness, he is asking them to pay for something they did not sign up for and in terms of greediness he is asking them to pay clearly saying without words that he thinks that his own money is much more precious than others.” And I agree. As you and Liberty said, it’s like not inviting somebody to a party, or telling them not to come but then expect them to agree to set it up or clean up the mess before/after hand. So, of course Hillary “MUST” be the better candidate but in my own comments which should be below this state what MAY happen, but that’s all hypothetical.


    • St Augustines C of E Primary School St Augustines C of E Primary School

      I agree with you

  3. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    Genuinely, it doesn’t matter about who Hillary Clinton’s husband is. And personally, her experience doesn’t make a difference. She’s lied before. She’s cheated before. What about her E-mail scan/s? Or her discriminative words that I found out from another club member on the hub at However, of course the president of the US needs to do what is best for the American Nation. We all know Trump is discriminative, but at, there is proof that with Hillary Clinton, America will easily slide into nuclear war which people are referring to as an upcoming WWIII (World War 3). Many people are going on about Russia planning to nuke the US and if so (if true), America would be gone in a day/two. However if America tries/attempt to nuke Russia, it would take quite a bit longer; Russia is huge and they don’t have as advanced weapons as Russia. No matter who gets voted for president, America will be in meltdown. Is there truly any hope? As well as this ginormous problem (may/may not happen, but are fairly certain it will, this is all hypothetical), the media doesn’t give us a chance to see the true colors of Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or anything about them behind the political side of things. The news and the media isn’t being much of a help right now, not to be rude or disrespectful.

    On a less political side of things, I want to focus on the issue of the society with the supposed upcoming WW3. What about the children of our generation in the society? These corrupt people don’t really think they should/could get away with this diabolical plan? Honestly, that’s just stupid. There will people panicking all over the world. People panicking for themselves and for their loved ones. We need Trump, otherwise America WILL go into nuclear war. If we knew more about the supposed upcoming war, we’d know who to chose. If the media showed us more of the presidental election candidates, we would be safer.

    As we don’t know what’s going to happen with the supposed upcoming WW3, as I said, we cannot be sure who we keep America a safe place. I think that we might want to vote for Trump to prevent “World War 3” that’s suspected to be upcoming. So there we go. Who should we vote for? Discriminative Trump or “Corrupt” Clinton?
    We need to think more about the society, and what consequences we will have to face with either candidate as president. It’s not all about the political side of things. Hypothetically, with Hillary, the US will most likely slide into a nuclear war.

    Please consider this. Thanks,


    • Thanks for your comment, LC Journalist!
      You’ve put a lot of thought into the foreign policies of Hillary Clinton, which is very important.

      I want you to think really sceptically about your comment and your similar comments across the hub. They are based on an assumption which isn’t backed up with strong evidence. Can you tell me what that assumption is and three places you can generally trust to be reliable when it comes to the facts?

      • Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

        Hello, Mickey. Thanks for replying to my comment!

        The assumption is that with Hillary things will go extremely wrong, which is not exactly true. 3 reliable sources that would back this theory up better: 1. Reading/seeing the proof in person would be a more reliable source instead of just hearing people say it; 2. Hearing it from an expert, perhaps? Somebody like a political correspondent or whoever has experience and skills in this area of expertise. 3. I’m not sure what another reliable source for STRONG evidence would be. Do you have any ideas? Also, I did state that this was hypothetical, and if not, I was meant to 🙂