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template_curiosity-corner_1200x800Niels Lesniewski is the senior Senate reporter at CQ Roll Call. He writes about all the important things that happen in the US government, and has been writing about the US election. He has read some of your thoughts and responded to them. 

Dear Burnet News Club,

Thank you for your thoughts on the upcoming presidential election here in the United States.

It’s clear from your comments that you have been paying attention to the debate over immigration policy that has been a key element throughout the year. One commenter noted not many Latino voters supported Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The polling firm Latino Decisions is now predicting that just 15 percent of Latino voters will vote for Trump.

You also have pointed to one of the reasons I have heard at campaign events that people are supporting Trump. Many voters are not happy with current elected officials, and they want to have an outsider with a business background in government.

The final weeks of the 2016 campaign will see both Trump and Clinton look to make sure that their supporters actually vote. First, that means making sure their supporters are registered ahead of deadlines, and second, that they actually show up on Election Day.

I have covered campaign events with both Clinton and Trump, and at each their supporters have been enthusiastic. But, many Americans are not happy with either of the major party choices. Some people will stay home, while others will vote for other candidates.

I am also keeping a close eye on other elections. The Senate, the smaller part of the American government, is up for grabs. This year, it is very close. We have an election map that keeps track of how each race is looking.

Thank you for your thoughts on our upcoming elections, I appreciated reading so many comments.

Niels Lesniewski

Senior Writer, Roll Call

CQ Roll Call is a member of the Economist Group, based in Washington, D.C.

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