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    I think Catalonia should vote because it has been in the clutches of Spain for over 200 years so I think Catalonia should have the chance to vote.

    • Hi AgentKitty,

      How do you think a vote would affect people living in Catalonia? I’d like you to come up with three ways those people could be affected (they can be negative or positive). This will help develop your curiosity!

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        1. Well, voting is very important because if voting didn’t even exist, the choice would probably go down to either the government or the president/mayor. People would probably think that’s unfair because for example, it’s more likely that the government would stay because their resources mainly come from Spain. If we voted, we would probably want to leave. Our votes are what makes it a fair vote because the Catalans are the ones who want this decision.

        2. Voting could also be bad because 2 groups want different thing things. One side might get aggressive and violence might occur just because both sides have different opinions. The government might also play a role in which, because power comes from the government, they might jail people who assume against their will.

        3. The reason for why voting is good is because your votes make a difference. EVERY vote counts! You’re votes benefits you future. It literally shapes your lives to benefit you. Even if your side looses, you still get that feeling that you made a difference!
        I got that last one from this image.
        Yahoo voting


  2. I think voting is really important like for example who is going to be the prime minister? Everyone wants different prime ministers and you can only choose 1 person to be it so the 0nly thing that you have to do is vote.

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    1. Voting can be good because it gives the people in Spain to have their own choice and not just the governments choice
    2. Voting can be a bit negative because different people want different things and if they don,t get their choice then maybe they’ll be disappointed
    3. Okay, because then its kind of fair
    Happy Reader

    • Hi Happy Reader, thanks for your comment and showing good evaluative skills by point out the good and bad things about voting. I’d like you to be curious here. Which countries do not allow voting and do you think their system to make decisions about their countries are good ones? I would love to read your research and thoughts on this! Olivia

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    It’s not good that only 46 % went and voted it’s maybe because there afraid that they could be chucked out of the country or they don’t even care they want the want a happy life and that is fair!
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