Weekly Competition #20

Last week, we asked you to be sceptical about the statement 'There's no point taking part unless you win'. Well done to this week's entries, who had a go at the competition during the half term holiday! Congratulations to St Peter's and St Saviour's and St Olave's, who were our winners this week. They gave reasons for their scepticism AND examples to support their points of view. Well done! 

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  1. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I have lots of sceptism about this statement. Remember the old saying: ‘its the taking part that counts’! For me i think that having an experience is just as good as going home with the winning trophy or place. If you will only take part if you win then the who.e thing is useless. I have been turned down by many things but i always go home happy. All mistakes are leading to a winning path. If you think mistakes are terrible think again, if you think this then you are in a fixed mindset. Please go home with a growth mindset. I am proud of this mini entry and i don’t care if i don’t win because i am trying and it will be a step closer to winning!

  2. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I am sceptical about this statement because it is about the taking part that matters not the winning.Like the Olympics they go there to get PB’s and have fun representing their country. This is why i don’t agree with this statement.


  3. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    It doesn’t matter if you don’t win. Everyone should feel proud of themselves, even if they don’t win every single competition. If you went to the Olympics and you won silver in 2/3 events and bronze in the other, would you go away feeling like you accomplished nothing even though you had made a great achievement? Thank you for reading.


  4. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    #I don’t agree because it doesn’t matter if you lose as long as you just have fun and be proud of what you have done.

  5. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    i disagree with this statement because you might take part for the fun not just to win. Who agrees with me?
    by no name dude

  6. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I have apprehension about this statement. It’s basically like a test; you don’t get the answer right all the time. Nonetheless, you still fill in the answer (most of the time) Why do you do that? Well, you probably do it because if you leave the answer blank, you will 100% get 0. If you fill in that answer then there’s a chance that it’s right.

    Now, back to the statement. It says ‘There’s no point in taking part unless you win.’ When you achieve a race for example, even if you came last you still have a small voice in your head telling you that you’re a winner. You always are a winner! There is NEVER a point in time that you’re a loser! Because there is always a part in which you’re a winner. An example of this in my life is when I started doing crochet. At first I was HORRIBLE at it but now, I could say I’ve crocheted many things. When I realized I was bad at it, I wonder what would of happened if I stopped doing it? If I just completely gave up. Same with BNC. I thought i wasn’t the best and i was a bit scared of commenting (I am not joking) but now I feel BEYOND confident!

    In other words, you must try to succeed. If you give up so quickly then you’ll never realize your full potential.

  7. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    I am sceptical about this statement beacuse if you take part you’ll realise what your flaws are.For example in school if you do something wrong you learn from it you weren’t perfect but next time you will be.As well as that a winner is only a label given to a person ,which would have had no meaning 4,000 years ago.


  8. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    i am sceptical about this statement because you wouldn’t win all the time the most important thing is you took part unicorn123

  9. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I think that, even though winning would obviously be an amazing experience, the memory itself and the knowledge you gained from losing will be more valuable to you in the future. A certificate that declares you the winner, is just a piece of paper with your name on, but a memory of a fun and inspiring experience and knowledge to take away with you is the blueprint of who you are. I am sceptical about the validity of this statement because if your house was to burn down, for example, the prize or certificate would be reduced to ashes, but the memory would still be there to reminisce and that knowledge would be there to aid you in life, whether you won or not . Just because your comment isn’t chosen as the winning one, doesn’t mean you didn’t enjoy sharing your opinion, and reading other viewpoints. And when you read the winning comment, you think of ways that you could have expanded your response. Also, by taking part in something, you gain new skills, and in not winning, you become critical of what you could have done to improve. And anyway, when you decide to take part in something , you cannot determine the outcome, so if you were to think that taking part in something is only worthwhile if you win, would result in you turning down challenges, and only accepting things that you believe will be easy to win. Consequently, you will not grow as a person, and you won’t ever overcome your hurdles in life.


  10. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    You don’t have a chance to win if you don’t take part.


  11. I am sceptical about this statement because taking part doesn’t necessarily mean winning or losing in the end. Taking part in the Catalan vote gave you the freedom of speech, something the people of Catalonia haven’t had since 1939. Even if the results didn’t go the way you wanted them to go, you still had a say and that’s the importance of taking part: giving you a choice to speak your opinions.

  12. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I am sceptical about this statement because it is not all about winning it is about the experience and knowledge you get from it. For example, people that run marathons don’t only go to marathon competitions to win they go to challenge themselves and for love they have towards the sport. They also enjoy it.

  13. this is a test

  14. Boutcher Primary School Boutcher Primary School

    I do not agree with this because if you win all the time it gets boring also you might get big headed then people will not like you . YOU WIN OR YOU LEARN.

    Madame Ming