Weekly Competition #29

Last week, we asked you to use your STORYTELLING skill to tell us the story of food from farm to fork. 

What a selection of entries! From the hysterically humorous, delightfully descriptive to the totally terrifying! We really enjoyed seeing your interpretation of the task and reading from the perspectives you chose, especially examples like the one from Watermelon Princess! This week, both of our winners told stories using poetry and did so inventively. There were a couple of similarities here; they used really clever rhymes to get their message across and they also spoke from what seemed to be a pro vegetarian viewpoint. Perhaps this was an easier viewpoint to convey?

Scroll down to read their full poems in the comments below!

I wonder whether Clovermoon and Originallycurious would give other BNC members license to use their poems and turn them into songs, spoken work videos or raps? That would be amazing! This week’s competition is now closed. You can enter this week’s by clicking here.  


  1. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School


    • St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

      Hi.I am a very well fed and innocent chicken.So innocent.I am living a normal life .Laying eggs,eating food and all the things a chicken will normally do.Until one day-I get killed .Oh why me?So many other even more well fed and healthier and fatter chickens.Oh why me?Now i have to rise from the dead to tell you this story.

      I was living a normal life as a chick, becoming a chicken.Laying eggs and eating,just like others will do.But ,one day,the farmer ,who I thought liked me,as how I liked him,killed me.I remember being dead,as the thing that hurt me the most was being chopped into pieces and being put into packets.HOW DARE THEY!?KILLING AN ABSOLUTELY INNOCENT CHICKEN LIKE ME!!!?

      Then , I got taken to the place called a ‘restaurant’ ,what crazy earthlings called it.A chef cooks me and serves me to a naturally overfat and overweight guy.He says ‘loves the chicken’-what does that mean?

      So at the end ,I was so angry.WHY CANT WE KILL EARTHLINGS? I just hope they wont do this again to any other chicken.
      NOW I AM DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      do something to help


      • St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

        ANd by the blessing of god , I am back alive-



  2. Colegrave Primary School Colegrave Primary School

    I am sent to the chopper and then killed I have been chopped into millions of pieces and put into millions of bags sent to the supermarket and strangers!!!!!! STRANGERS pick me up take me to there home and put me in some marinade leave me to chill and the worse part of it all THE OVEN I melt in there but somehow come out in one piece then I get put on a plate then forks and knifes dig into me and I get put into a mouth with saliva and get swallod on this journey I go through tubes and tubes into a pool of acid and digested what happens next I can not say but that is the life of a CHICKEN!!!!!!

  3. Colegrave Primary School Colegrave Primary School

    I am brought to the slaughterhouse.I am forced to let my juvenile children to fend for themselves.I go through bucketloads of pain as I fall to my death . I am then chopped up into minute pieces as small as the tears that run down my cheek.Then I am bought by a merciless customer who thinks that i am worthy of their tastebuds.I am then seared my tears are what give me my flavour.I hope you now understand the damage you’re doing to my society.


  4. Colegrave Primary School Colegrave Primary School

    I am forced to abandon my beloved children, brought to a substandard farm where I have to fight for my life. Then these narcissistic farmers kills me oh the pain. Then I am cruefully bought by these ungrateful customers then I am cooked its like im near the sun then i am eaten why why

  5. Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

    I am seperated from my loved ones . Sent to a butcher where I am terified and am fighting for my life. The pain slowly dies as I am being cut into pieces . Then I am carelessly eaten by cruel customers who are only thinking about them and not the poor animal that died.
    By diamond giraffe

  6. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    My egg was too small and i became so restless that I broke out. I looked around, expecting space but it was as claustrophobic as the shell I had just left. I was surrounded by a colossal number of baby turkeys, just like me. I did not see my mother, i could not see my mother and I knew that I would never see my mother.
    I was so cold so i ran towards the warmth. I snuggled up with the other turkeys under a huge lamp, I was still shivering though. In this incubator I stayed for merely weeks before I was driven in a car with the rest of my friends. This huge machine growled as I felt us moving at a great speed. Next, we were shoved into a huge shed with no windows. Despite the size i could not move: On each side of me another turkey stood, I could not raise a wing. As far as my eyes could see there were only turkeys. In the huge cage it was uncomfortably loud because of the terrified screeching from my friends.

    Every so often a huge, scary creature would come in, take some of us and leave. They were huge monsters, many times the size I was, with no feathers and they were violent. Kicking us as we screeched, they did not care if we got hurt. I stood there for months, I was miserable. All I had seen in my life was the dark walls that contained me. I was so scared, i was so worried. The one day i saw outside was the day we all dreaded; The day that the scary monsters picked us up by our feet and exited through the door- the day that no turkey ever came back from.

    When I was a fairly large turkey the monsters came again. But this time I did not stare with horror at other birds being taken, this time I was being taken. They picked us up by our feet as we screeched and loaded us into a cage, in a large truck. It was the first time I had seen the blue sky – but it was also the last. We were driven for a while to a huge building. We were hung upside down by our legs, all next to each other on a moving conveyor belt. And then I found out why no turkeys ever come back the day the monsters take them, because I didn’t come out from that slaughterhouse alive. Following our death, we were carried by huge trucks to huge buildings. There we lay, in a huge, cold fridge, festive music playing until a shopper, with a huge list of items picked us up. Then we were cooked, in a huge machine and cut up for those people to eat. They sang Christmas carols as they ate me, pulling Christmas crackers , all cheery and laughing to the people next to them. They did not know- and probably didn’t care about where I came from and how I never experienced happiness, how cruelly I had been treated. All they cared about was enjoying there lovely Christmas meal.


  7. Eat Beans, Not Beings – a poem by OriginallyCurious
    While you eat that hamburger of yours, why don’t you have a little think:
    About the calf you took away from its mother – doesn’t that make your heart sink?
    Next time you go to a restaurant, remember what you’ve done:
    You’ve separated a mother from its poor young.
    They’re kept in factory farms, caged most of their day,
    Having their beaks and throats slit off, why is that okay?
    Cattle are fed GMO corn, when really it should be grass,
    Everyday, pigs, cows and chickens are being abused and harassed.
    These animals are sent to the feedlots to be fattened for slaughter,
    Their parents, loudly cry, for that’s the last time they’ll see their daughter.
    Tails cut off, kept in cages, soon to be killed for your food.
    Sold to the markets, waiting in the aisles, soon to be chewed.
    Now, it’s on your plate, go on, dig in! What’s stopping you?
    I’ve done my share of work, don’t you think it’s time for you to do so too?

  8. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I may be a little lamb but I can assure you, I had a life. I had a family. I had progress in my life. Yet they took my happiness. They took my freedom. They drained my family’s soul. I was just a ewe in the wilderness. Everything and everyone was happy. Till they came. Sad and depressed, alone and paranoid, they took my family one by one. First, it was my baby sister. She only lived with us for a number of days. They approached us with props labelled ‘W E A P O N.’ Never did we know that was going to drain the life out of her. Next, it was my parents. Initially, they were aiming for Ma yet Pa, being the loving father he was sacrificed himself. Yet Ma still died…

    They were going to kill me, yet, they took me to a factory. Everything was grey. When we walked inside, there were even more symbols. One said ‘ D A N G E R.’ Another said ‘ H I G H E L E C T R I C I T Y.’ They placed me in this glass container and dressed me in a helmet with wires sticking out. There were wires on my udders and a massive chain on my hoof. I was surrounded by others of my kind. Every so often, I felt an electric shock and something pulling my udders. This continued for a number of days until I was labelled as ‘N E E D S T O B E K I L L E D.’

    After that, I was turned in to food. Lamb meat. Just like my parents. After all that torment, I was free. I was up for a new adventure! A great adventure! I couldn’t have been more wrong…

  9. John Ruskin Primary School John Ruskin Primary School

    I normally run around but then one day this really mean farmer just locks me up inside my house and feeds me over my limit. Then I get in such pain that I end up as food for, humans to eat. After, the mean parents just stuff me inside this hot oven (or pan) and cook me (burn me). Afterwards, those mean parents force those poor children to put me on a fork and put me in the revolting mouth.

    Written and Commented by: lovebunnycharm

  10. HI BNC,

    Thanks for the entries so far. We’ve had mostly stories told from the perspective of animals so far.

    Can other BNC members now think about different stories to tell? What about a farmer? Vegetables instead of meat? Someone who shops for food at the supermarket?

    -Tiff at the foundation.

    • Thomas Middlecott Academy Thomas Middlecott Academy

      i tried to do one of how i see this. showing in a way what any human may see in the darker side of being omnivores, though in this case that most are presenting, carbivores
      clover moon

    • Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

      I am a piece of broccoli I have been grown then I have been pulled out of my socket then i got put into a box then i got taken to this wired place called supermarket then some stranger pick me up and put me in the basket with some alien crips and the smelt then i went to a stangers house and he boiled and then he put me on a plate and open his smely mouth and ate me that is the story of a nice green broccli

  11. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    On one side it’s not good to harm animals for milk and eggs, on the other side meat is healthy for you because it includes healthy stuff and milk.


  12. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    I’m a master of food. A master in my work includes many a famous michelin owner who knows the way of a fine cooked chicken breast or the perfect luberon asparagus with jue of red wine. But my most famous meal of course is foie gras. I make this tender meat so subtle and smooth in my customers’ mouths. Just that melt in the mouth texture is enough to bring back my customer. I do not care about the life of the animal on my board. I don’t care that it was forced fed and iron rods were stuck in its liver. I don’t care about its gender or name. It’s nothing a thing for me to create my masterpiece. I’m a capitalist who needs money to feed my family I just don’t care. Merci

  13. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    I am used to for everything. From sauces to salads and omelettes to sandwiches, I am the most humble ingredient in the world. I am grown from a seed in a greenhouse because I like the humidity that I am used to from the Mediterranean. We start growing and begin our lives as a small, tiny green sphere. Then we ripen and become orange to match the sun that we love, and this means we are almost ready to be picked. Finally, we turn red, not out of embarrassment, but out of juiciness. We are hand picked when we are big and red and transported with loads of our siblings around the world. Italy uses us for bolognese from Bologna, Spain puts us in Tapas dishes, the French and Greece eat us with lettuce and onions, and the UK put us in sandwiches with B and L. Overall, we are just a fruit, from seed to sphere, juicy and lovely to eat.


  14. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy


    The farmer comes closer with his milking bucket and I rub my babies back. They call my baby a calve and me a cow. After being milked, I feel a little sore as always. The farmer prods me painfully in the stomach and later that day I hear him on the phone.
    “Yep, ole’ Daisy’s got enough meat on ‘er. You can pick her up tomorrow.”
    I wonder who Daisy is and continue to tend to my baby. The morning dawns bright and true, the sun wobbles on the horizon and the summer day comes fast. The sun burns down on the farm yard and I almost envy the pink creatures that roll in mud to keep cool. Stuck in the barn, flies buzzing around the hay, I think it’s the first time I’ve ever wished to indulge in such an unsanitary activity and I take it back almost immediately. My ‘calve’ looks up at me with bright brown eyes, half her heart in each. Lovingly, she curls up at my hooves. The farmer, a man in a white hat and apron in tow, walks clumsily through the farmyard, kicking the little chicks as he goes. If a ‘cow’ such as myself could express ones self in words, I would. He roughly attaches me to a rope and yanks me out of the barn. I am pulled away viciously from my tiny baby. She is locked back in the barn and the last I see of her is two sad eyes barely reaching the brim of the wooden gate. Now, I stand in a tightly packed yard with scores of other ‘cows’ like me, waiting tensed for something we could never see coming. Something does come, a trailer. I, and a few more, are pushed into it. When we arrive at a murky dark place that smells of blood and death, a long black metal stick with a hole in the end is pressed against my head. The man holding it pulls a little trigger and everything comes in slow motion. A shiny thing I think is called a ‘bullet’ shoots from the end of the stick. My visions blacks around the edge and darkness sets in. The last thing I see is the sunset glimmering like an ember in a blackened fire. The fight leaves my body and I collapse, the ember spreading in a long horizon in my mind.

  15. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    I live on a farm. My dad owns the farm and wakes up very early every morning to tend to the livestock. He says that he tries very hard to keep the animals happy but I don’t think he can keep them happy, no matter how hard he tries. They spend their days eating grass, lazing around, unaware of their fate to come – or so we are led to believe. I think that they must have some awareness of what might happen. One day, their best friend gets taken away, and is never seen again. This happens every day with the next biggest cow. They can’t just not notice. They must know something is happening. for all we know, they might live their days dreading what is to come.

    Afternoon rolls around. I come home from school and am sent to get some food from the shop for dinner. Veg and fruit and flour, milk and eggs and beef. I think to myself that we could be eating our own cows. It puts me off my dinner. I never see how the cows are killed or butchered but I imagine it and it must teriffy the cows. How could a person do something so cruel to an animal? That evening I can’t eat any of my food. I just can’t get the image of a dead cow out of my head.

    I thought a lot about that day, and now, a month later, I have talked with my mum and become a vegetarian. I don’t regret my choice, in fact, I have done a lot of research into it and I am considering becoming a vegan. I know they say the animals are happy, but I’m not so sure.

  16. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    As I look at the strands of coagulated proteins I think of the journey it had once depart.Maybe it was enclosed, caged, convoluted , perplexed not knowing what hit them before they were moved into the shady mess.They couldn’t change what happened to their life.Even their body in time with each high.Innocent it seemed at first they made a scene ,but within their brains their are nerve cells calling with pains.The life may have been different if they were free range…

  17. Hornsey School for Girls Hornsey School for Girls

    Oh, Beef

    Farmer Farmer fed the cow
    Butcher Butcher chopped the cow
    Market Market sold the cow
    Humans Humans devoured the cow


  18. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    I’ve been growing for ages now and am longing from when I get Picked. The cacao pods like me that get Picked are selected from our outer beauty. We are Picked when we get big enough, and I am as big as a football now- that means I should be Picked next… that is if the children can reach me. Some of the younger ones cannot Pick us, as we are too high up and the children have to use long sticks with a curved blade to hack us from the trees. When we are golden (like me!) they stretch upwards on the tips of their toes and Pick us.
    I have 48 white beans inside my shell and when I am Picked they shall take me away and cut me open to take my beans. Wait! Someone’s coming! It’s Kitti, one of the younger children that works on the cacao farm. She reaches up through the branches and cuts my stalk form the tree. She grins, obviously glad to have found such a ripe pod. She takes me away and uses the long knifed rod to prise me open and tips out my bleached beans out of the pod, some of my juice and fluff tip onto the floor and on the palm of her hand. She licks it off, grimacing at the sour taste.
    Next my shell is binned and my beans placed on a large conveyor belt which cleans us and tips us into a massive pot where we are stirred round and round and round. I feel dizzy as we are tipped out and dried in the suns heat. I hope I get a tan! Suddenly we are all picked up and placed into large sacks, shaken and confused. The sacks are dark as we wait for ages until we feel a sudden halt and we all slip forward. I didn’t realise but we’ve been moving all this time! We are then picked up and taken into a building that is alive with noise and bustling with activity.
    It is here we are emptied out of our bags and I catch a glimpse of the room around me. It is a high ceilinged factory with metal machines everywhere. There are young men and women surrounding us that wear blue masks and hairnets. They then carry us all too big warehouses with SILOS written all over the doors. They clean us again and then push is into a burning inferno of heat. It hurts but we come out a lovely colour. We are placed in piles and then tipped into sacks with ROASTED printed on the side.
    Then we are taken out again and placed on a long conveyor belt. We move slowly along and I wander what will happen. I looked up. If I could scream I would have. Suddenly a large metal stamp thing had come crashing down on top of me, reducing me to nothing but a pulp. We are crushed and mushed and squashed. Then all of my lovely cocoa butter is drained from me. I am nothing but a powder now. Cocoa powder.
    I’m then shipped off and placed in a cardboard box. It’s dark and cramped inside and there’s only a tiny plastic window for me to see out of. I peek through and what I see makes me gasp. I’m in a building and there are rows and rows of shelves filled with foods of every different shape and size. I notice some of my beans have been made into some yummy chocolate and are waiting to be bought. I feel so happy, and even happier when I am taken and placed through yet another conveyor belt where my cardboard packaging is scanned and then I am taken to my new home.
    The last thing I remember is being sprinkled on a delicious looking fudge chocolate brownie and then being eaten. I hope I tasted nice!

  19. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    (Comment above)

  20. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    Hi! I love food so much. I love the meat that shops sell. But as a BNC member our group has talked about diet. Then I realised what do the food think/feel. The chickens who are killed might think they are innocent. So why on earth should they be killed? Cows might think themselves innocent too. So why are they killed? If humans were killed for food I don’t think we’ll be that happy. So why think we are better than animals? If you want to debate with me go ahed. I’d love to hear what other people think of this crisis. by h20 mermaids

  21. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    I hatched from my egg with many other chicks. Suddenly, a large hand appeared and picked me up and another group of chicks in the other hand. We were thrown onto conveyor belts and were sorted into baskets. We were then loaded onto trucks and sent to a farm. Afterwards, we were stuffed into large windowless sheds. As we grew, space began to grow scarce, while we were growing I had witnessed horrible scenes some of us had died of starvation or dehydration and some had disordered legs. I hope I don’t grow like them I would suffer greatly if I had grown like them, trying to move around would be a horror. Once we were ready to be sent to the market, dread washed over me like a large wave. the shed door slid open and the humans filed in. We were all stuffed into compact cages which barely gave us enough space to spread our wings at all. Some of us gained dislocated hips during the nasty process. once we were in the slaughter house, I was shaking from head to toe, I didn’t want to die in such a horrible way. We were all hung upside down on metal shackles. We were then taken to an electrified water bath to be stunned. I quickly woke up startled, I gazed ahead of the line of chickens and saw the dreaded automatic neck cutter, as the murderous blade approached my neck I tried to dodge it by swinging my head. As I did it, I closed my eyes and swung my head, hoping that I would narrowly miss death. When I opened my eyes I couldn’t believe it, I had missed the blade and was still alive! but the I heard the sound of a knife. I saw a human slaughtering the chickens which had also escaped the doom of the blade. I felt no pain but I only felt a tiny bit. I was chopped into tiny pieces and was taken to the market to be soon consumed by a human.

    blue eyes white dragon

  22. Thomas Middlecott Academy Thomas Middlecott Academy

    Sat down with a plate of meat,
    I wonder how it came to be
    From a living animal to my seat,
    For inspiration, I set my mind free.

    A baby lamb, only just born,
    Spending a few months in the weak spring sun.

    The innocent taken away,
    Never to see another day.

    crying, bleating, lost.
    yet at the same time
    it hasn’t got the cost
    it has reached the end of its climb.

    killed, no murdered, just for us.
    we stole the child,
    of a loving mother, but we don’t make a fuss
    humans are savage and wild.

    realizing this, i push the plate away.
    i store my fight for another day.

    the truth of our plates- by clover moon

  23. John Ruskin Primary School John Ruskin Primary School

    I am a sweetcorn which I normally likes staying on plant. I love staying there, looking as beautiful as I can look. Unfortunately, the nasty farmers end up deciding to take me out of my home (the plant). Then they wash me (at least I wasn’t dirty anymore. Afterwards, they suffocate me by putting me inside this plastic wrapper (which was ruining my beauty)! Later on, I get stocard up on a shelf inside the supermarkets ready for those terrifying human beings to buy! Those people buy me, cook me and then they try to put me in their horrifying mouths. I try to not make it easy for them. So, I just decided to either drop on the floor, fall off their spoon or slide of their forks. I can do all those amazing flexible things only because there are many parts of me. There are so many parts of me because, that nasty far hat scraped me off my cob. With my bad luck, I end up getting chewed up into the disgusting human stomach!

    Written and Commented by: lovebunnycharm

  24. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    hello i am a carrot because i grow in the ground and i get collected by a machine then they wash me and then they pack me a then they toke me to a shop then people take me home and then they eat me and people can see me beter.


  25. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I’m a chicken.I eat,fly,and i run around.One day a farmer came and killed me.I get sent to the factory and i get packaged then i get sent to the shops.I wait for people to come and buy me.Once they bought me,i get seasoned cut and fried.Then I’m eaten I’m the most delicious food and it hurts to be killed but i do it to feed people.


  26. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School



  27. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I’m milk i am delicious. This is a day in the life as me. Firstly i get squeezed out of a cows udder,secondly i get taken to a factory and get put in a bottle. Then i get taken to a supermarket getting ready for someone to buy me. I get excited to be brought as i am the most delicious milk.

  28. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    Hello I’m Potato.I grew up with my friends around me,with laughter,jokes and conversation.Two of my friends are tomato and apple.But one day some random guy took me and I was with people I never seen before . I was scared I was alone.Then I was in a place that is huge someone brought me home then cooked me .Then before I knew it I was GONE


  29. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    I am taken from my home, my family and friends. Sent to a smelly polluted factory. I get trapped in a cage then killed. Then as my soul drifts up to heaven i watch my body by sliced into thousands of pieces put into thousands of bags then sent into shops. People buy me then cook me then eat me. I still feel the pain. I watch sadly, i watch my sorry body get gulped up by a hungry man!
    by FootballAlien11

  30. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    Sometimes when I have the moment to reflect I sit down and think it’s what I do right? Should I kill these animals? Is it even good for the environment and the air? But then I remember that it’s my job to nurture animals watch them grow and be flourish and then give them the chop that’s the worst part I’m not really as attached to them as I used to be although I used to find it really hard but now it’s sort of easy I guess(well killing is never easy- but it’s not killing right?)- the majority of the time I wonder where these amazing animals lives really go- do they go to the bin – or do they just go in someone’s mouth-or they just left to go rotten,I don’t really know to be completely honest: all I know for sure is that I try and give them the best possible start in life.
    I am in partenership with Tesco’s. although sometimes I do question how on earth they manage to sell the meat for such a cheap price as farming has become so expensive nowadays. I bet you they probably put chemicals in them. Which is a shame because I would like to think of my cows as being organic.
    Oh I wish I had enough money to sell the meat myself where I’d know exactly what went in and out of my beef.
    Once I sadly kill them (in the nicest way possible) I chop the meat and leave it to purify then package them up and the rest is history.
    Oh I just hope that one day cows can live a long happy life-FREE!!!
    If only life was that simple!
    Everyone and everything deserves a life-even my cows!!!

  31. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    I’m going to the shops to get some chicken. I find one big delicious sliced one. I buy it, then, licking my lips i bring it home and roast it. Time to serve it on plates for my friends and family. I stuff my mouth with 2 chicken thighs’. Yum yum! I LOVE CHICKEN!!!!!!!


  32. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    There are animals on farms and the farmers take the chickens and kill them and shave their feathers off. Then they get thrown in a truck and get sent to the shops and markets. They sell them for a cheap price so people would buy them to eat. When they get home, they chop them up and put chilli and garlic on them and start frying them with hot oil. Then it gets placed on the dinner table and they get served onto peoples’ plates and then they pickup their salt and pepper and cutlery and start eating them.
    I wonder if the chickens were ready to die or were ready to get put into peoples’ mouths. I also wonder if snakes were ready to be made into leather. How would you feel if you were an animal and sent to a slaughter house to be food?

  33. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    Hi I am an egg I am the unfortunate one that could never be a chick but just be an egg. I get picked up and put into a factory, checking if I am cracked then I get stamped on with a blueprint. In this process, I feel cramped and squished. There is a high chance I can get cracked and that scares me a lot. Once I get checked up I would be put in a tray and transported to shopping centers. While I am in a van, it’s really dark and there are a lot of ramps on the road so I jump a lot. Once I get to the shops, I get stacked waiting for someone to come and pick me up and make yummy scrambled eggs.

  34. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I work all day, sleep all night
    I wonder if what i do is right.
    Everyday is the same routine
    Wake up, shower, brush my teeth,
    go to work feed the hens, cows,pigs and horses.
    I milk the cows dry,
    smile at them to show them they will be alright.
    As they are taken away to be slaughtered and eaten
    I pray to God that I will be forgiven.

    I remember a time when I worked in a slaughter house
    I slit the throat of a cow –
    My lowest day up till now
    Because every time I send a cow away
    I remember the look that cow gave me.

    The sorrow I felt afterwards was the worst I have felt in my life
    That is why I am what I am today.
    That is why I send animals away to their deaths
    and I cannot stop what I do
    because this is my life
    because I am a FARMER!


  35. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I am mango. I stay on a mango tree for 3-5 months. I have no friends and I have lost all my family members . I am waiting for this horrible human to pick me off the tree. FINALLY i have been picked but why am I with these other smelly mangoes ? Now I am on the plane on the way to England I am scared because the plane is shaking. I am so squashed with the other mangoes . Now I am in the factory these humans are deciding which one of us are worthy of their choosing. They have picked me up now. I am scared as the humans have put me back . I am getting wrapped up now I am so happy – I think they won’t kill me. Wait – they’re coming back …


  36. Graveney School Graveney School

    Over the persian blue and seafoam, I travel. My carriage a cramped container shared with fourteen other individuals just like me. Destined to be nothing other than one meal on your plate, I wonder am I more than this. You justify this genocide by saying we have no feelings. If this is true then why am I writing this. My mother is locked away penned and her children are constantly being killed for meat and for the eggs you eat in the mornings. How is this humane? Where is your conscience? I am an egg I can’t change from who I am but you can. Go vegan!

  37. Graveney School Graveney School

    I am going describe the process of raising chickens and harvesting their eggs in an organic-certified farm. The feed for organic chickens is grown without use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertiliser. It must be grown by organically-certified farmers, who have their practices monitored for 3 years prior to their certification. The chickens must not be kept in cages and must have access to outdoor areas. They must have no contact with any kind of antibiotics, even low-level amounts in non-organic feed. Each chicken must not be induced to molt unless it is their natural molting time. They are not induced to lay eggs, and 5% of their eggs will be allowed to hatch. By NellieBly:the2nd.

  38. Graveney School Graveney School

    It’s Christmas day! I’m so excited. The friendly bubble of conversation fills the dining room. All my family and friends are here, laughing, chatting, mingling. It really is the best day of the year. The thick, mouth-watering aroma of roast potatoes sweeps under my nose, joined with the bittersweet smell of the warm, brown gravy. There it comes – the star of the show. The much-anticipated, well-loved whole chicken. Seasoning is sprinkled over its crispy, brown surface. My aunt places it down on the table. The entire family tucks in, slicing limbs from the poor, deceased creature. I lick my lips, reaching for a leg, tearing it from the body. I bring the meat to my mouth, all my senses on point, anticipating. Then I freeze. I tense up. In front of me is a live chicken, struggling on the plate, its legs and neck limp. Its body is charred, and its face screams in pain. I drop the chicken leg, dropping to the floor as everything goes black.

  39. Graveney School Graveney School

    Why me?
    They swirl around as they grab me. My children are yelping in fear. Are they next? What is this dart that is plummeting towards me? Getting closer. Its feathers are like mine except their red. It hits me. My mind is swirling, my children screaming. The sky falls as my eyes droop.
    I’m in a line with a hundred others. They are depressed and are drawn to chicken suicide…but there is no way of committing that. They call this a slaughterhouse. The brick walls are closing in as my cellmates are injected. I refuse as no man will inject me with chemicals. I’m next in line. This is the end of me. World, thank you for letting me live to this age. Make sure my kids don’t endure this torture.

    My truck is full of chicken carcasses. I hate my job. Why do I have to kill an innocent animal? When I signed up for the job, this is not what I meant. Those chicks have lost a parent…a love one and now they have seen the future. They know what will happen in the next few years. I’m here. These chickens know they are going to be in a factory and on a plate. I have to do it but I don’t want to.

    In Sainsbury…Wondering what’s on my plate. I feel like chicken today. Who cares about RSPCA assured. I just want meat. There we go, chicken aisle. Lets just grab a packet…round to the till. £2.50? Bargain.


  40. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    The Farmer:

    I wake up at 5:30 to tend to the farm. I yawn as I stumble around, feeding the cows, sheep, chicken and pigs. The farm is pretty big, so it takes me a very long time. It’s 1:30 by the time I’m finished, so I stop for a lunch break. I bite into my sandwich, and I wonder: where is this food from? The flour in the bread, the lettuce, the tuna. That’s when I realise, I’m actually eating a fish. A fish that someone actually farmed, the way I do. I think back to the lady in the shop with the vegan badge and the tuna tin as I dig up vegetables that afternoon. Was it pole caught?

    The Tuna:

    I’m having so much fun zipping through the coral with my schoal. The water is so blue, the sunlight bouncing off its glinting surface. The coral is like an underwater rainbow, but recently its been a bit discoloured…and the water’s getting murky. I saw lots of colourful items I’ve never seen before. They make me think of humans. The current speeds up, bit by bit, and it’s starting to blow the sand up from the seabed. I look around at my friends, and they all look confused. I can hear dolphins up ahead moaning. What’s going on? And then a mesh thing comes rushing towards me. A surge of panic rushes over me. It’s a fishing net! I writhe to escape, but me, and to my surprise, several dolphins and sharks, are stuck.

    The Fisherman:

    I stare at the net being hoisted into the air. I do this on a daily basis to provide for my wife and children, and it doesn’t pay all that well, but this is the first time I’ve ever considered the fish to be…well…alive. I watch them thrash, and feel a pang of sorrow for the entangled sharks and dolphins. I look down at the petrol spilling into the water, and see bits of greyed coral swirling around. What am I doing to the world? As I pack the tuna away, their glassy eyes stare up at me, and I vow to pole catch them in the future. The driver comes and takes the last box away, sending the tuna away to its fate on a shelf in Tesco.

    The Tesco Worker:

    I heave the last box of tuna tins onto the shelf. I hear the automatic doors slide open and the pattering of feet. Here come the customers. I walk out into the yellow lights and yawn. Who even comes to Tesco at seven anyway? “Excuse me, do you have any Tuna?” I see a man in overalls and wellies, with the emblem of the local farm on his jacket. I nod and lead him to the freshly stocked shelf. I feel bad for the Tuna, all squashed into a tin. That’s why I’m vegan, I feel so bad that animals and fish die for our benefit. He thanks me, and I say: “happy to help!” and the beeping of the cashier rings in my ears. I think about how much of the food in this shop is from his farm, it’s a bit crazy actually.

    The Farmer:

    It’s mad how much of the food in this shop I supplied. The shop assistant had a badge that said ‘vegan and proud’ on it. People like her put me out of business. There is a food chain after all. People don’t feel bad for the plants, do they? My whole life is based on the fact that people want meat, eggs, milk and even though I do sell my vegetables, they don’t earn me that much. I have to earn a living somehow, do I not? I go home and make my sandwich for the next day, I won’t have time tomorrow.


  41. Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

    First I am kept in a farm with my family. Then I am separated/taken away from my family and I am escorted/taken to the butchers. Then slowly my pain dies, I stop trying to fight for my life as I am cutted into pieces. Then I am put in a packet, taken to a shop/market and sold to a family. I am cooked and eaten by people/humans. And not once have those people thought about the poor innocent creature that they are eating. Finally I am gone…
    So we should think about those animals that we eat and be grateful to them.

    The darkshadow

  42. Foxfield Primary School Foxfield Primary School

    #green fox
    I am a farmer I pick up my apples and I wash the apples so that it can be fresh and juicy. A lidl worker comes along and picks them up and puts it in the lidl truck.After that he takes them to lidl“.Then a boy buys the apples and takes them home so that the mum makes him apple pie.

  43. Foxfield Primary School Foxfield Primary School

    Blue_Fox JDfox
    First off all I am a shooter hills farmer and I grow different fruits and vegetables everyday to sell to a famous supermarkets such as Asda, Lidl and Aldi. They pay me for my delicious sweet fruits and some fresh vegetables. My fruits are used for different desserts and and my vegetables are used for boiling them or eating . People celebrating different occasions buy lots of vegetables and fruits to have a REALLY REALLY big feast!

  44. Foxfield Primary School Foxfield Primary School

    #silly fox
    Iam a farmer who woke up at 6.00clock and I went out to pull out my strawberries .I used all my strength to pull them out .After I washed them and packed them up in a box to London from Kent .It took 20 minutes to get there and it went to a local shop and Sold them to a family of 3 and they went home to eat them .

  45. Foxfield Primary School Foxfield Primary School

    #Aussie_Fox #Red _fox kiwis
    We are farmers in New Zealand and we produce sweet and tangy kiwis! we depart are kiwis to our local school. Firstly we wake at 6.30am to go down to our kiwi farm to pick out the tangy and sweet kiwis. After, we load the kiwis to our old truck and drive of to our lovely local school to give to the smart and loveable students.

  46. Foxfield Primary School Foxfield Primary School

    I am a farmer I found a fresh juice stack of grapes,I go wash them and give them to a Sainsbury’s worker and they put them in truck .Later a little boy goes to buy the and his mother said eat it.

  47. Foxfield Primary School Foxfield Primary School

    Firstly I’m a farmer, who grows strawberries in Kent, from the ground.I sell my strawberries in:Nisa, Tesco and Sainsbury.
    They are eaten in deserts and snacks so thats the life style of strawberries.

  48. Streatham Wells Primary School Streatham Wells Primary School

    I am a dairy farmer, i milk cows, i know i do it cruelly but i need to make money. I am sad for the cows but i have to do my job, otherwise i could not provide for my family. And i love my family more than my cows.

  49. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    I’am a farmer working at a slaughter house. Everyday I see lots and lots of different animals killed like sheep, chickens, cows etc;
    I let a tear out at least ten times a day and saying ten times more in my head: “That this is not fair!” acrobat 64

  50. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    I am forced to leave my beloved family to be sold and eaten. I am innocent I don’t get what I was doing wrong, my life was going perfectly until I was taken away.I shouldn’t be eaten.


  51. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    There I was, standing in a farm, as happy as can be-not for long though- I was taken to a special place, I saw horrifying views, other animals suffering and dying of horrible causes. Then it was my turn- I was slaughtered. My life all fell into a dark pit of sorrow. I couldn’t believe that all of my family,the lovely farm,all my friends,everything was gone.I can’t believe I was treated like this, I thought I was doing everything right.I was innocent and my life was over.


  52. Michael Faraday Michael Faraday

    From Farm to Fork – By mysticalbanana
    I am a chicken.
    I have been taken,
    For your liking.
    You eat me without thinking,
    Is what I’m doing right?
    So next time you eat chicken you might:
    Think about what I’ve said today.

  53. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    I was living a normal lovely life as a nice chicken when suddenly a farmer picked me up and locked me in cage.The farmer then started feeding me, at first I thought that it was a kind gesture but then he fed me so much I felt like I was on the verge of bursting then the farmer came and killed me!.WHY ME?.I KNOW I WAS THE BEST CHICKEN BUT,WHY ME?.The farmer then started to take of my feathers, put me into into a bucket of boiling water then chopped me up into pieces and sent me off to a place called KFC where this person called a cook cooked me and turned me into a family bucket takeaway meal and given to a family.My poor bones were then discarded to the family cat.

  54. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    Farm to fork
    I had always lived normally and innocently, until one morning, when I was loaded into a stuffy van, and transported to a vast hall, along with hundreds of other chickens. There I was slaughtered, then packed and sold. That evening, I was cooked, and then sliced up.
    Why me? I never did anything wrong.
    From the viewpoint of a chicken.
    By Redpanda27

  55. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    oh lamb
    farmer farmer fed the lamb
    butcher butcher chopped the lamb
    market market sold the lamb
    humans humans devoured the lamb

  56. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    jaffa cake
    i don’t eat jaffa cakes because the jelly has gelitine in it
    and the jelly has pigs fat in it

  57. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    haribos are made from sugar,gelatin,starch and other ingredients that i cant remember. Sugar comes from sugar plants on a farm. Silent Russian. $$$666

  58. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    I am getting chopped but don’t kill me i am a young bit of celery then i am put i plastic then put in Tesco . Some guy came over and put me in his basket and i was with alien crip then some one put me in a stue LH

  59. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    Farmer Farmer found it big
    Farmer Farmer killed the pig
    Farmer Farmer butchered the pig
    Farmer Farmer sold it in big chunks
    then he did a big gig.

  60. Chiltern Way Academy Chiltern Way Academy

    hi i am a little pea and i was in a place with some broccoli and we were talking until a man came in and we got ripped me from the dirt and my brothers and sisters i was sad good bye from LF

  61. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    I’m a young boy calf and i have been taken away to a new farm, away from my mother….WHY?!
    All i want to do is run in the fields freely!
    But one day I heard the farmers talking and when i’m older they’re going to kill me!


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