Weekly Competition #31

Last week we asked you to be open-minded about the pictures below and tell us what a compromise might be between them both. Well done to everyone who entered! It's been a busy week at school but was great to see you taking some time out for the competition! The winner from Elaine Primary Academy showed clear and thoughtful reasoning, which we thought was great. Well done too to Faringdon Community College - their creative entry was very welcome! It showed fantastic storytelling skills and made for an eye-opening read.

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  1. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    When you look closely in the picture of the beach you can see some road tracks where cars may have been driving. The compromise between the beach and the busy city could be that they both allow cars to drive using a road or a track. A other compromise could be they allow shops on the beach. Another compromise they could use is maybe a volleyball pitch or stadium. I can use an example of that compromise from different places. In a park there is usually a football pitch and in some places there is a football stadium. On the beach there could be could be a volleyball training pitch for a team and in the street there could be the stadium for them to play.
    I know that I like to watch a theatre show in a peaceful quiet place and not on a busy polluted place. So maybe they could have remake of Punch and Judy and instead call it Kick and Squash. My final compromise is that they could use some sand from the beach and maybe open up a store anywhere and make it a miniature version of a beach so that we don’t have to travel 100-200 miles to go to a beach and instead go to a pop up shop or a permanent shop to play in the sand or swim. This compromise has already happened but instead of sand it is water.

    Ferrari Spies.

  2. Allhallows Primary Academy Allhallows Primary Academy

    A bustling city, brimming with life and sadly, pollution. A natural, beautiful beach, filled with the essence of real life, nature’s life. So how can these two compromise? Maybe the city could grow more trees and protect the nature they have left. Maybe the beach could set up some little shops or huts. But only if they are willing to compromise, which sometime in our life, everyone has to.

  3. I see a peaceful beach, and then a bustling city. How can we preserve the first and still gain the benefits of city life? The environment is often damaged during construction and development, and as our population grows the borders of our cities expand and all too often that happens at the cost of the natural world. Advantages of urban life are numerous; there are better jobs, better sewage and water systems, advanced healthcare, and easier access to transport. However, our environment is dying and a compromise must be reached. We must find a way to limit our growth, or at least to build in places that are not key habitats.
    By NellieBly:the2nd

  4. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    The compromise is that most people want to lounge on a beach but the city is where you make money. I dont see money oppurtunites on beaches. However as much as we want to go o a beach- we get food, shelter and much more at the city. Alright a holiday for a week is great but when we go back to the city we get cheap food and lodgings. At the beach it costs hundreds to rent a holiday villa and you would mostly be eating out anyway. The beach could have a mini town on the other side with cheap and comforting food and lodgings. Also, the town could make it’s quietest side into a beach.

  5. Both places have been affected by humans. One -the one on the right – has been effected much more than the one on the right but the one on the left has tire marks in the sand. This shows that everywhere has been affected by humans one way or another but some have been affected more than overs.
    Although, I am skeptical how this is to do with veganism. For, this topic is now moving to environmentalism rather then just veganism. I understand they are closely linked but I feel the topic would be better if the subject was the environment and we had one lesson on veganism while others are on different parts of the topic. I think this because my school found after the first 2 weeks we didn’t have much to talk about as we covered it all before. I hope this is taken into account and the second paragraph is more of a suggestion then part of my entry to the weekly competition.
    – YellowOwl2

  6. Faringdon Community College Faringdon Community College

    Here we see two opposites: a tranquil beach, with beautiful blue sky and sea and a bustling, busy city (from the looks of it maybe New York) with tall skyscrapers, theatres and busy, chock-a-block traffic. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. While looking for a house, you would have to look for lots of advantages in a home, whilst considering disadvantages and you’ll have to make compromises. Take for instance: you want a mansion with 5 bedrooms,on-suits for every room, a HUGE kitchen and a luxurious pool but you have a tight budget: you’d have to make a compromise; you can’t get a mansion for a small budget so you would have to find a balance between luxury and price: a compromise.

    Since ‘creative entries are very welcome!’, I thought I’d have a go at this and write a creative entry from the point of view of a man just out of university, with a tight budget , looking to rent a home with a nice, local atmosphere and a beautiful neighbourhood, close enough to his banking job in New york City:

    I’ve been out of university for a couple of months now and have found a job in NYC for work. It’s a job in the middle of the city, for a large banking chain. My problem is I need to move from my little university town back in Pennsylvania to somewhere nearer my work, I’m looking for a home but I can’t find the perfect place that fits in my small budget AND is a nice place to live- while still being close enough to commute to work.

    The first home I look at is a tiny apartment near a beach. It’s a cosy, little house, with a friendly, small community of people and I get to see a beautiful beach with a sparkling shore, just by looking out my window. I’d love to live here but i just can’t. It’s sad but it’s too far from my work:( 3 hours in fact!) and I can’t even get the train because there are no train stations nearby. There’s just no way I can travel to my work, to a full-time job, that far, every day of the week. Also, because of the location, the house is REALLY expensive, way over my budget and, unfortunately, there is no way on this earth that i can afford it. In addition, there are no shops for miles and miles so I’d have to drive at least 1 hour to get my groceries!

    The second house I look at is in the centre of New York. It’s fairly large and in the ideal location: I can get to work in just under fifteen minutes. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a small sitting room and kitchen: all I need. It’s not just near my work, it’s near theatres, supermarkets and everything I need. Unfortunately, I just can’t live here either: It is way too expensive, it is in the middle of New York, where the rent is as high as the surrounding skyscrapers and the local area is not very nice: it has a very high crime rate and outside is permanently busy (i can hear engine noises at 12pm while I’m trying to sleep). Generally, it’s just not a very inviting or nice area.

    The third house I’ve decided I am going to rent: it is in a small town around 40 minutes by bike out of new york city so I can commute to my banking job every day by bike/ drive easily and because of the area, the rent is comfortably within my budget. The area is also nice, it has a friendly atmosphere (all the neighbours came to have a joyful conversation with me when I arrived) and there are lots of parks and trees so it is a pleasant place to live. This is my perfect compromise, it is the midpoint, the balance between everything I want. The first two houses I looked at both had the good and the bad but this has everything I need and is still in my budget: It has a lovely atmosphere, it is near enough to work, it is just about large enough, it is in a welcoming community and there are shops nearby. Of course there are some things I do want but it doesn’t have: another bedroom, a larger kitchen, a beautiful beach view and I would prefer to be nearer work. However, I can’t get all these things, I can’t get a decent priced house really near work because NYC rent is so high so I have to settle with this house: my perfect compromise between everything I want and everything I can actually achieve and afford.


  7. Ben Jonson Primary School Ben Jonson Primary School

    In my opinion the compromise between the beach there is a calm relaxing beach and there is a busy city with traffic could be that in the beach and the city there could be shops. Another compromise is that there could be houses in them . Also both of them have roads and tracks but the beach is more serene
    By diamond giraffe

  8. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    The beach is a bit more relaxing and calm while the road is very stressful and busy.

  9. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    Sorry DaisyDare150

  10. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    In my opinion, you can live in a small town in between the beach and city so you could still have all the convenience of all the supermarkets where you can get food and other necessities and can still have the peaceful surroundings of the coast.


  11. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    At first i thought i would would rather be at the beach as it is tranquil and there is no one to annoy you. However after i looked very closely i notice that even though it it would be really busy and people are everywhere at the beach there would not be loads of things to do; living in the city you would have many things all around you to do.
    #Priceless Bunnie

  12. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    On the left I see a beautiful and peaceful beach, where people can escape. On the right there is the hustle and bustle of the city. At first I would have preferred to live on the beach but then I thought about school and life circumstances. Without the roads, shops and things to do, the beach would get boring. Also if it was cold there would be no shelter. A compromise could be living in the city but being close enough to the beach to visit regularly. Or you could live just outside the city, where it would be more peaceful and quiet than the city centre, but there would still be roads and shops so you could access life essentials.


  13. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    At first glance, the city appears to be bustling and cramped. It might be overwhelming and loud, however there are also lots of shops and more accommodation. The beach looks tranquil and quiet. Nevertheless, when I thought about it, the beach seemed boring and there was not as much to do. There was less shelter and there would not be any shops nearby. Therefore, it would be better to live in the city and go to the beach when you want to be alone and have some peace. The beach would be a better place to stay temporarily and the city would be better to stay permanently.


  14. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    A busy, polluted, noisy city is on the right which, when I first saw it, looked like a terrible place to live whereas I had a look at the peaceful, simplistic image on the left which originally looked like a perfect place to live. As I began to think about them both, I realised neither was a perfect place to live because they both have advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, you could live in the city and visit the beach whenever you wanted. However, cities are not normally close to beaches. Therefore, a compromise would be to live in a countryside or a coastal town where there would be peace and quiet as well as amenities and other things to do

  15. The difference between the tranquil sea and the busy city is that for the city it would be polluted with the increase of cars and it would probably use more electricity with those billboards. Yes the beach is relaxing and could improve the mental health state by taking away the stress however it may be harder to build more houses on rural areas and there would be more jobs available in a busy city. The comprise, is it is a matter perspective as someone may prefer a bustling city as they would be able to have something to do however someone could prefer the beach for a different scenery. It’s all a matter of opinion.

  16. From these two pictures my compromise is to have jobs available on the beach. Some people may prefer the peace and would not like to work in a busy city full of people and are willing to maybe travel a bit further to get to work. On the other hand, people maybe be living in small seaside towns and might have struggled to get a job locally therefore have to travel into the city. A way to fix this is to add shops or stalls near the beach so people living close by could get jobs there.
    Curious Kitty

  17. St Saviour's & St Olave's School St Saviour's & St Olave's School

    Peaceful vs Bustle
    Nature vs Metropolitan
    Rural vs Urban

    The compromise of these two photos would be the somewhere that is in-between a peaceful beach, full of nature vs a bustling metropolitan city – a place with the right amount of peace and bustle, and the right amount of nature in a densely populated area with good infrastructure and housing.

    A rural area is cheaper with more space, but the infrastructure isn’t well built, so it’ll lack buildings, roads, power supplies. However, in an urban area, almost everything you need is nearby, but it’s polluted and can get noisy (as a city that never sleeps).

    So, what would be the perfect city with the best of both worlds? Utopia – a good place, coined from the Greek word “ou-topos” meaning nowhere. A perfect world that has the right balance of everything – peaceful/ bustle, nature/ metropolitan, rural/ urban – and is free from conflict, poverty and unhappiness. This would be the compromise of the two opposites.


  18. St Mary's and St John's Church of England School St Mary's and St John's Church of England School

    A busy and probably very noisy to live in, city and a nice calming city. How could they compromise. Well the city could add some woodland or trees to protect the environment that they destroyed . The beach could add some huts to make it a bit more popular. The beach could have some shops to co-operate with the shops that were knocked down for the trees.

    Ferrari Spies

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