Easter Holiday Challenge & Announcement!

 We have seen some wonderful artwork and Final Pieces. Well done Burnet News Club!

Burnet News Club Gender Equality ArtworkOver the Easter holiday there won’t be a competition BUT what we’d like you to do is accept our challenge. We’d like you to write a review of somebody else’s Final Piece of art.You should include: whether you like it and why or why not, something it has made you think about and a suggestion about how you would have done it differently.


We will have some GUEST MODERATORS who will be viewing your work! Staff at The Economist will be viewing your artwork and giving you feedback on your Final Pieces. Look out for their comments on 13th April!

 We’ll see you back here for the start of Issue 5. You can write your guesses for what it might be below…


  1. international spies
    curious kitty

  2. Michael Faraday Michael Faraday

    Hello there, Olivia, am I still allowed to submit more posts about women during the holidays?

    • Hi OriginallyCurious,

      Yes, you can still submit more posts until Wednesday the 11th April!

      -Tiff at the Foundation

  3. Is it about university prices or plastic in the ocean?


    • Upton Cross Primary School Upton Cross Primary School

      I agree with PeperamiMan about the part talking about ” plastic in the ocean” because a lot of fish and other sea creatures have been killed because of selfish people dumping their waste in the oceans and seas around the world.

  4. Malcolm Arnold Academy Malcolm Arnold Academy

    I think our next topic will be about Russia, but this time about the Russian spies that were killed because they were in contact with the American government.


  5. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

    I think the next topic would be about guns and safety around them because lately in the news guns are being used in the wrong way.

    • I definitely agree; lately in the news, there was a shooting outside the YouTube headquarters. The use of guns is a major issue in America, so I think it would be an interesting topic to learn about.

  6. I think it will be about England’s murder cases as there have been 49 cases just this year and 22 in march.


  7. Upton Cross Primary School Upton Cross Primary School

    I think the new topic is about people’s rights (generally around the world ) and maybe we will be talking about a charity that supports human rights and the barriers within the topic.

    A Rowan Platinum Phoenix

  8. I believe that we will be doing veganism and our carbon footprint on the environment as it is a rising issue that I am very passionate about.

    By Pip:Wip