Curiosity Corner Competition no.37


Last week, we asked you to think about who could be affected negatively by dealing with climate change. PikachuPanda3 from William Patten Primary School won because they thought about those who some might think climate change actually helps. Well done!

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We look for questions that make people think about the issue. Make sure they are:

  • Debatable – make sure people could have different points of view on the answer.
  • Based on what you have learned or thought about the issue so far.


  1. Grace Academy Coventry Grace Academy Coventry

    Would you rather be a polar bear stuck on a melting ice cap, or a monkey affected by deforestation.

    Would you rather be caught in a flood or stuck in a drought?

    Would you rather a damaged world because you take the car to school, or would you rather a better world because you walk to school?

    Would you rather save the environment or save the economy?

    Minnie2395, TazmanianDevil, BessieBear, SlamDunkDisclosure, Rich154, Gowry5, BlueGiraffe8

  2. Ravenscroft Primary School Ravenscroft Primary School

    Would dealing with Climate Change help people?
    My Opinion

    Climate Change is changing a lot of things in the world. Climate Change changes everything but barely anyone realise it. It could be very dangerous because Climate Change is changing people not only people but it is changing countries and the whole world. Stuff that release Carbon Dioxide and Methane, should we stop all the cars, planes and factories I think that we should because the more carbon dioxide the quicker Climate Change happens

  3. Ravenscroft Primary School Ravenscroft Primary School

    Should we start riding bikes?
    I think we should be riding bikes because, if you think about it cars make pollution and bikes don’t and that could be a way to solve one part of our solution of climate change. Also we can get exercise while biking and we could save money by getting rid of petrol and car fixing company or car service and we can take down car lights on the rods and replace it with bike lights.

  4. Ravenscroft Primary School Ravenscroft Primary School

    Should we start using bikes?

    I think we should start using bikes because, first of all there will be no pollution being built in the air, if you were going to work then there will be no traffic and no-one will get hurt because they won`t get run over, if we ride bikes then we will get fitter.

    Should we be concerned about the climate change affecting the world ?

    I think we should be concerned because what all about the innocent people that didn`t make any pollution in to the air like farmers, hunters, villagers and fishers and that isn`t fair.


  5. Ravenscroft Primary School Ravenscroft Primary School

    My opinion is to grow more trees so trees can grab in pollution, but the big question is should we stop or not stop loggers [from chopping trees down] from doing their job.

    My Example:
    If we grow some trees and it takes 40 years to grow and people cut it down and you grow it again that’s just taking 40 years of your career and imagine you can’t pass your gardening on you would be stuck saving your City or part of your country.