We’re in it together

Most of the time being together is good  but in Catalonia’s case being independent  is better because surely if you feel like you are being bossed about then it is unfair.

But, this could result in many things going wrong.

You would need an entirely new government, democracy and much more.

Let me know what you think.


Together or independent?




  1. Hanwell Fields Comment yr4 Hanwell Fields Comment yr4

    I think Catalonia should stay with Spain because if there is a war then they would have much more people to be on 1 team and if they got separated then they would be by themselves and will have a very small team.
    Ado Rox

  2. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I totally agree with u
    In Catalonia’s case you are better off being independent as all the other bigger countries in their union are taking all their earnings so it’s not fair on them
    For me it’s defernately Independent.


    • Oasis Academy Don Valley Oasis Academy Don Valley

      I agree with you because if the goverment is making rules they have to be good ones or it won’t be fair for some people because some of the rules might not be nice.

      excellent explorer

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