WHAT TO DO? (climate change)

Hello everyone!,
Recently climate change has taken the news by storm and has become a big issue in politics (especially in the USA).
but people across the world are thinking should we start acting now? 

In my opinion the sooner we act the better unless we want everybody in our world to die and you think in heaven i should 
have done something about it . I know you probably think well it wouldn't have made a huge difference,however, you could 
of protested and made a small change. and made a  After I've finally got through my chit chat back to my actual topic how
can we prevent climate change from getting worse ,i know a lot of people will probably be answering this question but i 
hope mine will stand out for the Burnet News Club ^-^ . 
1. FOSSIL FUELS = fossil fuels are the remains of plants and animals that are long last dead from the past that are buried
under the Earth's crust , Fossil fuels can help us live they are sources of non-renewable energy . burning fossil fuels is
bad news as it releases terrible gases such as carbon dioxide which damages the Earth's atmosphere.
2. WIND TURBINES = The first thing i'm going to say is the cost a LOT OF MONEY? but are they worth it? A wind turbine is
a device that disciples the energy into valuable power for us . 
 what do you think? I hope that i have left a mark on the BNC and i will never forget!

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