In Catalonia some people want to stay in Spain and some want to become their own independent country, here are the some of the main reasons why people would want to do either:

For leaving Spain:

  • People in Spain have their own history, culture, flag and despite Franco’s attempts to suppress it after the civil war, their own language (Catalan). People who want independence have the opinion that the Spanish government does not respect their culture enough and that if they don’t leave Spain soon they will lose this difference and their culture.
  • Every year Catalans give 17 billion euros to the Spanish government in Madrid. This had left a wealthy country in debt and struggling to preserve simple services to some people. Many thing that leaving Spain is the only way they can take financial and economic control in the future.


Against leaving Spain:

  • Many think that is Catalan becomes independent places in Europe like Scotland, Flanders, Madeira, Bavaria and many other places may start to try to become independent, maybe ending up leaving Europe as a puzzle of arguing, bickering and fighting micro states.This rush to break away from the crowd could end up in conflict.
  • Catalans definitely have their own culture but have many similarities to the rest of Spain like football and late night dining as well as much more. Many argue that Barcelona , benefits culturally from Madrid and so lots of people think that isolating itself from the rest or spain could make Barcelona duller and not as appealing to tourists.

As you can see, there are strong opinions and solid reasons on both sides of the debate so both sides have their own reasons why they want to leave. What Catalan people will have to do if they end up having and ellection is decide what argument outway the others and which reasons affect them personally.


(there are a couple more reasons on this page, which i did not include in my post and it was a very usefull website): http://www.debatingeurope.eu/focus/independence-catalonia/




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    wow that was really informative i think it was brilliant

  2. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I think it was informative as well. Personally, if i were in Spain, I would leave because the government are taking money for themselves. This can mean they are selfish and unfit to run some of the country.

  3. St Gregory's Catholic Primary School St Gregory's Catholic Primary School

    I found this text very interesting and if I in was in Spain I would want to leave because it will then have its own culture. Also it will be fine if there are similarities. Evilpig