Women Rights – We haven’t reached equality just yet

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Women’s rights have been a really big issue for at least over 100 years! My name is AgentKitty and I would like to talk about brutal punishments(that’s the only word I could think off) for women.


The first punishment I know is when a mother gave birth to a girl, rather than a boy, the father would sometimes be cruel. I once went to a convention where we discussed women rights and how the father would sometimes kill the baby girl. There were many cruel and unusual punishments but the one that we discussed the most was when the father would bury the little girl alive. Of course, there were more…


The next one from one of my favourite books which is called Joan Of Arc written by Michael Morpurgo. I realized that this was close to when people burnt women who were elderly. I think they did this because they thought elderly women were just a hindrance and that they could possibly bewitch.  Joan of Arc, for example, was burnt to death because of some people thought that that she did black magic even though this wasn’t the case.


The next one was to do with war. Some women were killed for disguising as men. A great example for this is the Disney movie Mulan. When she was founded out to be a girl, they were going to kill her but they refused. Nowadays, it’s sometimes even the opposite. North Korea forces girls to fight in the war! Not only does he want women to look pretty, he wants them to fight for him. Same goes to men as well.


Women have also been a great target online. Sometimes some people would threaten young girls. In school, we once watched a video where a 13 year old girl was being targeted by a grown man. I think this is weird and stupid. Just because we’re girls, doesn’t mean we’re the target. This is also shown in many other movies/ mini films.


Thank you everyone for reading this! I love writing blogs and I hope I can do even more in the future!










  1. Elaine Primary Academy Elaine Primary Academy

    Many feminists say that people think that only men fighting in the army is ridiculous but now you are saying that women shouldn’t be in the army so it doesn’t really make sense. What do you mean by this?

    • St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

      I didn’t say that women shouldn’t fight. I said that Kim Jon Un forces people to fight for him and that we that we decide whether or not to fight.

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  3. St Peter's Primary School St Peter's Primary School

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    agentpurple pasta

  4. Arnhem Wharf Primary School Arnhem Wharf Primary School

    Agent Purple Pasta,you made a good get away from the moderators. But that is not topic currently. Woman have been treated badly.Quite badly. The thing is that some men never even thought before they did anything. To them its like being in heaven.But to the women it is like hell.Like in your example, if the men doesn’t want the baby to be a girl, it is most likely the baby would killed and the women would have been forced to born a baby boy.